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265: 5 Diet & Fitness Mistakes That Can Be Dangerous To Your Health (And How To Avoid Them) With Joe Di Bernardo

265: 5 Diet & Fitness Mistakes That Can Be Dangerous To Your Health (And How To Avoid Them) With Joe Di Bernardo

Many people think that fitness professionals have diet and exercise all figured out. That we don’t get injured doing something stupid in the gym or that we know exactly what we’re doing when following a nutrition plan or taking a supplement.

The truth is that we all make mistakes. Some of which end us up seeking medical care to make sure we haven’t done irreparable harm to ourselves. In fact, these mistakes make us even better coaches.

But we hardly hear coaches sharing the mistakes and mishaps of self-experimentation.

In this episode, I get my friend former NFL linebacker turned Primal Living coach Joe Di Bernardo to come on as we share some of our recent mistakes we made while seeking optimal health and performance.


Brief Bio:


Joe Di Bernardo is a former NFL player, Primal Living Coach, and father. He’s passionate about helping people reclaim their health through principles of primal nutrition and lifestyle.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why your health & fitness journey will always be trial & error (4:30)
  • The myth of the perfect fitness journey (4:47)
  • Why your nutrition and workouts should evolve as your goals change (5:40)
  • How Joe and Ted both ended up in the emergency room (6:50)
  • Should I exercise while fasting? (10:19)
  • Dangerous effects of electrolyte imbalance (16:45)
  • How experience makes you a great teacher (21:00)
  • Why you shouldn’t believe the shiny, happy Instagram posts and Facebooks Status updates (21:54)
  • Joe’s biggest lesson from his fasting experience (23:20)
  • How Ted ended up in the emergency room (25:22)
  • The dangers of overtraining and extreme diets (28:00)
  • Why paying attention to your body it’s essential while dieting (33:20)
  • Why everyone needs a coach (34:19)
  • How to avoid making big mistakes when experimenting with nutrition, training, supplements, etc. (43:37)


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Connect with Joe:

Primal Joe Website




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  1. Paul says:

    Really enjoyed this episode. joe is a wealth of knowledge and a smart guy, but just shows even people who know the science of nutrition and their bodies incredibly well, still have so much to learn; we are only touching the surface with understanding how we as humans function..!! I also had a similar experience to you Ted re Ketosis, started getting the panic attacks…I reverted to Paleo which works for me..we are all different,what works for one is another mans poison!

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