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311: How To Find Your Purpose In Life with Peter Sage

311: How To Find Your Purpose In Life with Peter Sage

In this special episode, my special guest Peter Sage will teach you how to find your life purpose and rebuild yourself into someone who, regardless of any circumstances, will continually take their business, career, income and life to the next level.This is a must listen episode.

Brief Bio:

Extreme Entrepreneur.  World-Class Speaker. Human Behavioural Expert.  Visionary. Philanthropist.  Author.  Adventurer.


In this episode, you will learn:

– How Peter explains what he does [5:45]

– What the “pedestal trap” is and how it prevents you from succeeding [8:55]

– A skill that everyone should have [12:20]

-Why you most know your worth and never settle for less [13:21]

-I am rich, successfull, and have everything, but unhappy. Why? [14:56]

– What you should do if you’re feeling stuck in a rut [17:26]

– Why you shouldn’t confuse your profession with your identity [18:05]

– The 3 levels of understanding and how they can help you succeed [20:10]

– Why we never do anything that isn’t congruent with our identity [22:21]

– Why much of who we think we are wasn’t consciously chosen [25:10]

– How taking risks leads to success (and why staying comfortable does not) [27:50]

– How thinking like an entrepreneur can help you succeed at your day job [30:55]

– The new way to create job security in today’s uncertain world [33:00]

– How to overcome victim mentality [36:02]

-How to move forward and stop living in the past  [40:40]

– Do you need a tragedy to have a massive positive mindset shift? [43:04]

– Why if you don’t make time for health & fitness, you’ll have to make time for illness [46:45]

– 3 Easy ways to improve your health right now [53:15]

– How Peter helps entrepreneurs upgrade their business and life [55:50]


Connect with Peter:


Peter’s New Book


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