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336: Reengineering Your Morning Ritual For Optimal Health & Productivity In 2019 with Ted Ryce

335: The One Reason Why You’re Not Losing Weight with Ted Ryce (Hint: It’s Simpler Than You’d Think)
January 5, 2019
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336: Reengineering Your Morning Ritual For Optimal Health & Productivity In 2019 with Ted Ryce

Is your morning ritual setting you up for success? Find out how my celebrity and CEO clients structure their mornings to get the best possible start to the day. Also, I’ll share my personal morning routine that helped me improve my productivity and skyrocket my energy levels. Listen to this episode to create your own morning routine and make 2019 your best year ever.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

-It’s all about the way you feel (3:14 – 4:30)

-How to increase your cognitive power (4:31 – 6:50)

-Why morning rituals are so important for success (6:52 – 8:35)

-How to quiet the mind (9:45 – 12:16)

-Why you should drink water first thing in the morning (14:05 – 16:00)

– Metabolic Flexibility: The Secret To A Great Body, Energy & Longevity (16:01 – 17:30)

-Yes, there’s such a thing as too much self-help (17:30 – 19:05)

-3 Strategies to customize your morning routine (19:05 – 20:20)

-The alternatives to high intensity training (21:33 – 24:54)

-How to get in super hero movie shape (24:55 – 25:17)

-How to finish off your morning routine (26:20 – 28:36)

-Why you don’t need a guru (28:40 – 30:20)

-What matters most in life (30:44 – 31:20)


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