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Reader Question: “Should I Workout If I’m Sore?”

By: Miami Beach Personal Trainer Ted Ryce


Reader Question: “Should I Workout If I’m Sore?”

First of all — great question!

Second, the question should be: “What type of workout should I do if I’m sore?”

You can absolutely workout if you are a little to moderately sore. In my experience, the right workout can help your sore muscles recover so you actually feel better after.

One caveat: If you are extremely sore then give it a rest!

miami beach personal trainer ted ryce

Recovery Cardio

What I recommend is what I call “recovery cardio.”I call it that but I got the idea from several coaches who train Olypmic and professional athletes. Have to give credit where it’s due!

How do you do it? Just simply hop on a cardio exercise machine of your choice (i.e. treadmill, elliptical, bike or even walking/running outside will work) and do 10-30 minutes of light exercise.

I actually do shadowboxing and technique work for Brazilian jiu-jitsu as recovery cardio so that I improve my skills while I “recover.” If you are into martial arts, I suggest you give that a try as well. However, if you are already doing a lot of technique training, then I recommend that you stick with general cardio exercise instead.

How do you determine what is “light”? The best way is to track your heart rate with a heart rate monitor. For recovery cardio, you want to keep your heart rate in between 100-140 beats per minute.

I gave you a heart rate range because things like age, heart size,  fitness level, etc. influence how fast your heart will beat at any given intensity. If you are older, in okay shape, or fatigued stay towards the 100 beats per minute guideline.

Ultimately, the way you feel during and after will tell if you performed Recovery Cardio properly. If you did it right, you will feel better after you are done.


  • Use any cardio machine or walk/run outside
  • Do 10-30 minutes
  • Use a Heart Rate monitor to track you exertion –Polar Rs100 is what I use
  • Keep your heart rate in between 100-140 beats per minute
  • If you are older or out of shape stay around 100 beats per minute

That’s it — short and sweet! Try it and let me know how it works for you!

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