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Unstoppable After 40: A Surprising Way To Deal With Joint Pain, Is It Enough To Only Exercise On The Weekends, And The ONLY Bicep Exercise You Need

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March 8, 2024
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March 11, 2024
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Unstoppable After 40: A Surprising Way To Deal With Joint Pain, Is It Enough To Only Exercise On The Weekends, And The ONLY Bicep Exercise You Need

Today’s issue is brought to you by Unstoppable After 40 Coaching Program. We help entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners to get fit in their 40s & 50s while growing their businesses and enjoying their lifestyles. (In less than 2 hours per week) .


So it’s been over two weeks since I had stem cell treatments.

It’s still too early to tell if they’re working. And I’m also still feeling the joint soreness from the needles used in the injections.

I’m usually the type of guy who watches the whole process when I get shots. But I had to close my eyes a few times – especially for the syringes they used for my hips. They were long! Haha.

Since we’re all waiting to see the results of this experiment, I want to share a few things I learned about stem cell treatments in the process.

  1. It’s not a magic bullet. When the doctor looked at my lower back and left shoulder MRIs, they told me not to get my hopes up. The damage was quite extensive in both places. It’s best to get injuries taken care of sooner rather than later.
  2. They work better if you’re already in shape. The state of your health dictates in part how well the shots work and how fast you’ll recover from them. So don’t think that stem cells can be used instead of getting in shape. They’re supposed to help you get into better shape.
  3. Physical therapy is needed in the recovery phase. Again, you can’t escape doing the work by getting stem cell injections. The clinic heavily emphasized that doing the exercises they gave me was crucial to getting the best results.

I have more lessons.

But these 3 stood out to me enough that I wanted to share them with you now. We’re just nowhere close to having anything like a magic pill for joint issues.

Even cutting-edge treatments like stem cells still require you to do your part for them to work well.

So if you’ve been waiting for a sign to take better care of your health, this is it!

Click here to watch my 15-day stem cell treatment update video


Here is your Unstoppable After 40 Friday Digest:


1. A surprising way to deal with joint pain.

If your knee hurts, it’s because something inside your knee joint is injured right?


But we’re finding out that joint pains and body aches can come from an unsuspecting place:

Your belly fat.

Oh, I know. This sounds like one of those stupid “one weird trick” videos. But it’s legit. And if you understand the physiology of inflammation, it also makes sense.

Belly fat (aka visceral fat) causes an increase in inflammatory chemicals and free radicals. Then these chemicals irritate your nerve endings and send a pain signal to your brain.

And I’d imagine that there’s no amount of physical therapy or surgery that will get rid of it. The key is to lose your visceral fat.

This is one of the reasons that I think so many of our clients report feelings of less aches and joint pains.

Want to know more about the study linking joint pain and visceral fat? I recorded an entire podcast about this.

Resource: Can visceral fat affect your joint pain and what to do about it?


2. Is it enough to only exercise on the weekends?

I’ve always wondered about the benefits of exercising frequently or doing more in a shorter timeframe.

A recent study answers this question for us.

It looked into the data of almost 90,000 people to see if being a “weekend warrior” and getting all your exercise in one or two days was as good as spreading it throughout the week.

The researchers found that it was the dose of exercise instead of the timing that mattered most.

Of course, this is only one study. But if you’ve been concerned that you’re not exercising enough during the week, getting it in on the weekend seems to give the same heart health benefits.

The only thing I’d add is sitting all week and then hitting a hard workout might predispose you to injury. So keep that in mind. But get your exercise in any way you can.


3. The ONLY bicep exercise you need.

My favorite arm exercise:

EZ-bar biceps curls.


Because you can easily (and incrementally) load up the bar to achieve better biceps results.

Try 2-5 sets of 10-20 reps.

You can also go heavier by using more weight and a 6-12 rep range.

Make sure you watch the video for special technique tips on how to do this exercise right!

Watch the exercise on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Legendary Life Coaching Client Highlight: Scott R.

Meet Scott, a 49 y/o high performer who was training daily but sabotaging his fat loss over the weekends.

So after having a heart attack at age 46 and not being able to get sustainable results on his own, he decided to finally get serious about his health and joined my program.

In 4 months, Scott:

  • Shed a whopping 35lbs, waving goodbye to that stubborn gut
  • Stopped “eating and drinking his emotions” on weekends.
  • Still enjoy fine dining and have an active social life
  • Went from burnout to waking up energized every single day
  • Improved his overall health, moving away from constant medical concerns.

Now, on the cusp of 50, Scott is more than just ‘fit’; he’s unstoppable!

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to be confident in your body and increase energy in a way that fits your busy life in 2024, click here for a strategy call.


Thought of the week:

When have I felt most joyful this year and what steps can I take to recreate those conditions?

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Ted Ryce

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