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Unstoppable After 40: The Weight Loss Hack That No One Talks About, How To Speed Up Muscle Recovery Naturally, and How To End This Year Stronger.

Today’s issue is brought to you by Legendary Life Coaching. We help busy executives, entrepreneurs, and other high-performers burn fat and feel younger while growing their […]

Ted Talk 199: Will I Lose Weight On An Anti-inflammatory Diet? – Ask Ted

Have you ever wondered if there was any connection between fat loss and anti-inflammatory foods? Or maybe you even tried anti-inflammatory diets to lose weight, but you didn’t achieve the results you expected? Maybe you read a lot of conflicting information about this subject on the Internet, but now it’s time to find out the science-based truth from another Ask Ted episode! Listen now!

561: Fitness For Entrepreneurs: The Key To Sustainable Fat Loss Success For Busy Professionals with Oliver Anwar

As a busy entrepreneur, you might find it tough to lose weight and stay in shape while still enjoying your life. In this new episode, Ted sits down with Oliver Anwar, a renowned body transformation coach for professionals & executives, to explore the secrets of maintaining fitness while navigating the challenges of travel and busy lifestyles. Oliver shares his expertise on how to strike that delicate balance, incorporating strategies for staying active, making mindful food choices, and managing stress. Listen now!

Unstoppable After 40: The Best Way To Lose Weight, Easy Hacks To Add Movement Into Your Day, and How To Lower Your Stress In Less Than 3 Min.

The best way to lose weight, easy hacks to add movement into your day, and how to lower your stress in less than 3 min. Today’s […]
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