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591: Navy SEAL Health Optimization Secrets: Sleep, Peptides, and Behavior Change with Dr. Kirk Parsley

In this episode, Ted interviews renowned performance enhancement physician and sleep expert, Kirk Parsley. They discuss the complexity of health and fitness, emphasizing the importance of sleep for health, metabolism, and performance. They explore behavior change, resilience, and the challenges of maintaining health in a busy lifestyle. Dr. Parsley also explores peptides and psychedelics for behavioral enhancement. Listen now!

Success Story: 48-Year-Old Successful Broker Dropped 21lbs, Transformed His Body & Increased His Energy & Performance At Work With Small Habit Changes

Meet my client Trevor, a 48-year-old successful real estate broker who went from sleep-deprived, out of shape, and stressed to lean, fit, and energetic in less than 100 days. And the best part, while thriving in business. He also reveals how to stay on track during the holidays, how to deal with social pressure, and much more. Listen now!

590: Ted’s Stem Cell Treatment Experience: 8-Week Follow Up

In today’s episode, Ted shares his two-month update after receiving stem cell injections at Dream Body Clinic. He discusses a joint-by-joint account of improvements and shares practical considerations in navigating stem cell therapy. Listen now!

Unstoppable After 40 Coaching Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have been asking about our Unstoppable After 40 Coaching Program. They don’t know if it’s the right fit for them, they’re interested, but they want to know more information. In today’s episode, Ted is going to answer these questions and more. Listen now!
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