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Success Story: Almost 50 and with a 6-pack. Meet Trevor, A 48 Years Old Real Estate Broker Who Lost 20 lbs And Looks Better Than Ever With Just A Couple Of Tweaks

In this episode, Ted interviews his client Trevor K., a 48 years old real estate broker who lost 20lbs in less than 100 days. Trevor describes how losing weight affected not only how he looks and feels about himself but also improved his sleep quality and clarity of mind at work. They also discuss how to stay on track on holidays, how to deal with social pressure, and more. Listen now!

Ted Talk 162: What’s Your Go-to For Managing Stress? – Ask Ted

Are you aware of how stress affects your work performance, personal life, and even in the gym? Unfortunately, stress attacks in all sorts of ways, and that's why Ted spent years devouring studies and cross-examining experts to find out the best stress-busting tips for high performers. In today's Ask Ted, Ted reveals his 5-step framework to control, contain and conquer stress.

529: Survive The Holidays Without Gaining Weight: 5 Smart Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy While Fully Enjoying The Holidays

If you have ever wondered whether the holiday weight gain effect is real, I have news for you: it is. Studies have shown that the holidays are when people gain most of the weight they'll carry throughout the year. It accumulates and gets harder to lose every year. In today's episode, Ted reveals 5 smart ways to go through the holidays without gaining extra weight. Listen now!

Ted Talk 161: The Economics of Fat Loss. An Entirely New Approach to Weight Loss

Have you ever fallen for any of these fitness guru crap statements: carbs make you fat, eating whole foods is the only way to a lean body, or you can't drink alcohol if you want to lose weight? If you have, you came to the right place because, in today's Ted Talk, Ted reveals the only scientifically proven way to lose weight and keep it off, the economics of fat loss.
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