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Bonus Ep. with Laura Yates: It’s Over!’ 13 Breakup Survival Tips to Get You Through It

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February 4, 2015
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Bonus Ep. with Laura Yates: It’s Over!’ 13 Breakup Survival Tips to Get You Through It

Brief Bio:

Laura Yates is a relationship and dating coach and writer who specializes in helping men and women through break-ups and heartbreak. Laura provides clients with bespoke tools, techniques and mindsets that enable them to deal with their emotional struggles whilst moving forward in their life with renewed energy and focus.

Laura’s work has been featured in The Daily Mail, LOOK Magazine, Closer Magazine, FHM, Tiny Buddha and Thought Catalog.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to increase our confidence after a break-up
  • How get back into the dating scene after a break-up
  • How grieving after a break-up is normal
  • Why you should grow and get better after a break up
  • What steps you should take to get over a break up quickly
  • How to avoid losing your social life in a relationship
  • Common mistakes men make in relationships that lead to break ups
  • How to stand up for yourself and set boundaries with women
  • How to know to if you need to walk away from a relationship
  • How to move on quickly after a relationship
  • What you should do to make your next relationship better
  • How to know when you’re ready to be in a relationship again
  • How to control yourself when you want to text your ex (or she’s texts you)

Connect with Laura:

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  1. Bridgette says:

    I have read through some of Yates stuff in those magazines, it seems that she really knows her stuff. In fact, one of her writings helped me get through a tough time with an ex of mine a few years ago! Good interview!

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