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Unstoppable After 40: How To Build Muscle 3X Faster, The Best Exercise To Banish Back Pain Weak Knees And The Anti-aging Superfood That You Should Be Adding To Your Diet

Success Story: 48-Year-Old Successful Broker Dropped 21lbs, Transformed His Body & Increased His Energy & Performance At Work With Small Habit Changes
May 13, 2024
591: Navy SEAL Health Optimization Secrets: Sleep, Peptides, and Behavior Change with Dr. Kirk Parsley
May 20, 2024
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Unstoppable After 40: How To Build Muscle 3X Faster, The Best Exercise To Banish Back Pain Weak Knees And The Anti-aging Superfood That You Should Be Adding To Your Diet

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Welcome to Unstoppable After 40, my weekly newsletter where I reveal cutting-edge tips to get fit in your 40s & 50s while growing your business or career.

What’s in store for today: 

  • How to build muscle 3x faster
  • Reverse aging with this superfood
  • Try this hack for back pain and weak knees

Today’s issue is brought to you by Unstoppable After 40 Coaching Program. We help entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners to get fit in their 40s & 50s while growing their businesses and enjoying their lifestyles. (In less than 2 hours per week) .


I’m in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the next few months.

And my goal is to become conversationally fluent in Portuguese as fast as possible.

So, what’s my plan?

I hired a teacher for 1-on-1 lessons, of course!

While I learned a lot from doing 30 lessons of a Pimsleur audio course (I highly recommend their courses if you want to learn the basics of a language) but I had some sticking points during conversations.

And truth be told, I’ve been a bit lazy about doing the next level Pimsleur course haha

So, I hired an expert.

As a result, my Portuguese fluency is increasing rapidly.

The secret?

She only works on the things that I need to work on. She gives me specific advice and homework that targets my weak areas.

Why am I telling you this?

Because you probably read this newsletter, watch YouTube videos, and listen to podcasts to increase your “fluency” in health & fitness.

And that’s great.

But for those of you who’re committed to going to the next level quickly, that’s when mentoring and coaching come into play.

It’s the closest thing to a short cut that we have.

And this works for ANY area of your life…health, wealth and relationships.

So, if you’re determined to level-up quickly, find the best coach/mentor/teacher out there and hire them!

It’ll be one of the best investments you’ll ever make!


Here is your Unstoppable After 40 Friday Digest:


1. How to build muscle 3X faster.

Myo-reps are super popular these days,

They’re even being recommended by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

What are myo-reps exactly?

It’s a training method that focuses on maximizing muscle growth and strength gains through a combination of high-intensity sets and rest-pause techniques. A study from the University of Tampa showed that one Myo-rep set provided the same muscle growth as 3 normal sets but with 70% less time requirement. (The study isn’t published yet, so I couldn’t link to it.)

Pretty cool, right?

I’ve been using myo-reps for years after talking to the creator Borge Fagerli on my podcast a while ago.

But I recently had him back on the show to talk about his updates to the myo-reps method.

Have a listen to my new interview with Borge to learn the secrets of how to use his system to build muscle in 1/3 of the time.

Podcast Episode:  589 Breaking Fitness and Nutrition Myths: The Key Secrets to Muscle Growth and Optimal Nutrition with Borge Fagerli


2. How to reverse aging with this super food.

If you know me, you know that I don’t buy into hype.

In fact, I hate it lol.

But mushrooms have some very promising research showing they might be an anti-aging superfood.


Because they contain unusually high amounts of two antioxidants that some scientists suggest could help fight aging and boost health:

  • Ergothioneine
  • Glutathione

These compounds fight what’s called “oxidative stress”.

More research needs to be done, but it’s seems like the hype around mushrooms is legit.

But not all shrooms have high amounts of these potent antioxidants.

King Oyster mushrooms were found to have the highest levels. But here are easier-to-find varieties that also have high levels of ergothioneine and glutathione:

  • Shiitake Mushrooms (Lentinula edodes)
  • Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus)
  • Porcini Mushrooms (Boletus edulis)
  • Maitake Mushrooms (Grifola frondosa)

I’ve been sautéing mine. But you can add them to soups, salads, stews, pasta sauces, or omelets.

Cooking doesn’t seem to affect the compounds so feel free to experiment!


3. Try this hack for back pain and weak knees.

Tired of back pain and wobbly knees? Meet your new best friend—the Single Leg Hip Bridge!

This powerhouse move is perfect for busy execs on the go:

  • No Equipment Needed – Perfect for home or travel workouts.
  • Boosts Low Back Health – Say goodbye to back pain.
  • Enhances Knee Stability – Keep those knees strong and steady.

Pro Tip: For an extra challenge, add a dumbbell to your abdomen at the gym.

Try This: 2-4 sets of 10-20 reps.

Hold for 2 seconds at the top of each rep for maximum impact.

Watch this video on LinkedIn / Twitter.

Legendary Life Coaching Client Highlight: Rich R.

Meet Rich, a 51-year-old father and entrepreneur, trapped in a 25-year cycle of yo-yo dieting and fitness frustration.

Sounds familiar?

Despite his business success, Rich’s health took a backseat leaving him feeling like a personal failure.

On top of that, he had a long-term vision of what he wanted his life to be like:

“I want to be the guy in his 60s and 70s that is still working out, hiking, and enjoying his life. I don’t want to be like my friends that are visiting the doctor every week for a different health issue.”

In 6 months, Rich:

  • Lost 29lbs of fat and waved goodbye to his belly
  • Ended the 25-year cycle of hopping from one diet to another
  • Feels more confident in the boardroom and the bedroom

If you’re an entrepreneur, executive, or business owner who wants to get fit in your 40s & 50s, feel confident in your body, and increase energy in a way that fits your busy life, I’m here to help, click here for a strategy call.


Question of the week:

Take whatever you are trying to accomplish and ask, “How could this be as easy as possible?”

How could I make exercise each day as easy possible? How could I make showing appreciation to my partner as easy as possible? How could I make finding great investment opportunities as easy as possible? And so on.

You may be surprised how effective the easy version can be.

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Until next week,

Ted Ryce

Celebrity Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach & Longevity Expert


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