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Success Story: How Our Client Aoife Went From Working Out Hard And Feeling Exhausted To Working Out Smart And Feeling Energetic And Ready To Live Her Best Life

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November 17, 2023
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November 24, 2023
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Success Story: How Our Client Aoife Went From Working Out Hard And Feeling Exhausted To Working Out Smart And Feeling Energetic And Ready To Live Her Best Life

Meet Aoife, a successful executive coach and healthcare consultant from Portland, Oregon, who struggled to maintain a stronger and fitter body while growing her career and taking care of her loved ones.

Aoife is like most of my clients; she is successful in her career but struggles to find balance in life.

Sound familiar?

She was all in, playing tennis, running marathons, cycling – you name it. But, instead of feeling revitalized, she ended up with aches and pains.

Aoife’s journey in health was akin to her entrepreneurial spirit – trying everything from paleo diets to detoxes, yet finding little success.

She was pushing hard but not smart, leading to exhaustion and depletion.

She knew something had to change, and that’s when she found my podcast.

In 11 months, Aoife:

– Shifted her goal to body composition, achieving a stronger, fitter, and yes – sexier body, while shedding 8 pounds of fat.

– Started exercising smart, not hard

– Has more energy and vitality to dominate her day

– Her back pain is gone, and she has a younger and pain-free body

– Feels more confident

– Feels ready to travel the world and live her best life

This is what the Legendary Life Program is all about to help you feel fitter, stronger, more energized, and happy with what you see in the mirror while thriving in business.

If Aoife’s story echoes yours, if you’re working tirelessly with little to show in your health and fitness, it’s time for a change, schedule a Breakthrough Call with us.

It will be the best 15 minutes you have ever spent on your health and fitness.

Let’s make 2023 the year that you finally reclaim your health and create the body and life you deserve.


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