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542: 8 Science-Backed Foods To Supercharge Your Brain

Do you ever feel like you’re not performing at your best mentally? The good news is that certain foods have been scientifically proven to enhance your brain power, allowing you to unlock your mind’s true potential. In today’s episode, Ted Ryce is going to reveal 8 foods backed by research that can improve your mental performance. Listen now!

Ted Talk 175: How Much Are You Willing To Invest In Yourself To Get To The Next Level

Spending time and money on self-development is crucial for sustained growth; there's no doubt about it. Yet even after putting in hundreds of reps and being consistent, you'll realize there's a limit to where you can take yourself. In today's Ted Talk, Ted reveals the secret shortcut you need to take to achieve success and pump up your happiness baseline for good. Listen Now!

Make 2023 Your Best Year Ever: Part 1: Feeling Like A Failure

In this new 5-part series called "Make 2023 Your Best Year Ever", Ted will address the biggest diet problems that stop you from losing weight, reclaiming your health, and creating the body you deserve in 2023. In part 1, Ted explains why after years of trying and failing, most people believe it is not possible to get in shape or that they are too old (and what to do instead). This series is based on 22 years of experience, including real-life strategies developed, tested, and refined while working with hundreds of high achievers who want to lose fat and transform their bodies while growing their businesses or careers. Tune in so you can make 2023 your best year ever.
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