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541: Break Free from Bad Habits: Discover The Life-Changing Power Of 7 Neuroscience-Based Strategies To Reclaim Your Health

Bad habits feel like a trap. We have the desire to change. We even know what to do most of the time. Then why is it so hard? In this episode, Ted Ryce shares seven neuroscience-based strategies to break free and create positive change. You will learn how to rewire your brain through neuroplasticity, identify triggers, set SMART goals, leverage social support for effective habit change and much more. Listen now and get ready to kick bad habits and boost your health!

Defying Age: Cindy’s Inspiring Journey to a Young & Leaner Body, at 66 While Travelling The World & Living Her Best Life

Have you ever felt too old to get in shape? In today's episode, we share Cindy B.'s inspiring journey, a 66-year-old woman who went from feeling "too old" to becoming leaner, more energetic, and unstoppable. Join us as we explore the customized approach that transformed her life, proving it's never too late to become your best version, whether in your 40s, 50s, or 60s. Get ready to be motivated and awaken the unstoppable force within you.

Case Study: How 52-Year-Old Attorney Lost 40 lbs In Five Months In Our Coaching Program

Dan is like most of our clients. He is successful in his career but has struggled with his weight for almost three decades. He's tried all the diets and workouts on the market with little to no success. Although he knew the basics, "exercise more, eat less," it was incredibly frustrating to fail over and over again. Tune in to find out how he finally managed to lose 40 lbs in just five months without following restrictive diets or going through time-consuming workouts. Listen now!

Success Story: 48-Year-Old Successful Broker Dropped 21lbs, Transformed His Body & Increased His Energy & Performance At Work With Small Habit Changes

Meet my client Trevor, a 48-year-old successful real estate broker who went from sleep-deprived, out of shape, and stressed to lean, fit, and energetic in less than 100 days. And the best part, while thriving in business. He also reveals how to stay on track during the holidays, how to deal with social pressure, and much more. Listen now!
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