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Unstoppable After 40: The Best Way To Lose Weight, Easy Hacks To Add Movement Into Your Day, and How To Lower Your Stress In Less Than 3 Min.

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September 22, 2023
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September 25, 2023
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Unstoppable After 40: The Best Way To Lose Weight, Easy Hacks To Add Movement Into Your Day, and How To Lower Your Stress In Less Than 3 Min.

The best way to lose weight, easy hacks to add movement into your day, and how to lower your stress in less than 3 min.

Today’s issue is brought to you by Legendary Life Coaching. We help busy executives, entrepreneurs, and other high-performers burn fat and feel younger while growing their businesses or careers.

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A month ago, I went to Rythmia – an all-inclusive luxury resort in Liberia, Costa Rica, and drank ayahuasca – an ancient psychedelic concoction used for healing for thousands of years. It was one of the toughest experiences of my life. But also one of the most profound too.

I’ve been feeling on top of the world after my week at Rythmia. I gained awareness of patterns of thought and behavior that kept me stuck. Now I feel like a new man.

My communication is better. My relationships are better. My health is better, and even the need to reward myself with food has improved. I’m on my way to getting super lean again!

I’m not saying this to tell you that you need to go to Rhytmia. But to tell you that there’s hope if you’ve been feeling stuck in patterns that aren’t serving you.

So, if you’ve been rewarding yourself with food, alcohol, or shopping and feel you want to change this behavior for good, you need to do something different.

A new diet, workout, or self-help book ain’t gonna cut it.

What experience can you sign up for to take you out of your comfort zone?

What event, activity, or situation can you put yourself into in the next week or two to challenge yourself to get OUT of your comfort zone and into the feeling of being your best self?


Here is your Unstoppable After 40 Friday Digest:


1-How To Add More Steps Into Your Day

If you’re too swamped with meetings to add more steps into your daily routine, here’s how I help my clients add movement into their day.

  1. Ditch the Chair! Stand during calls. Those legs were made for more than just walking.
  2. Go For a Walk Find opportunities to walk more. Walk to go get coffee or park far from the entrance to the supermarket. 
  3. Stairs are Your Best Friend: stop waiting for the elevator and walk a few flights of stairs even if you have to stop and take the elevator on a higher floor. 
  4. Calls on the Move: Use your call time to walk. Burn calories while sealing deals or connecting with family and friends.

Remember, every step counts. Aim for at least 7k steps per day.


2-My #1 Fat Loss Secret That You Can Start Applying Today 

Prioritize lean protein in your meals to help you lose fat while holding onto your muscles.

After all, you want to look leaner, not like you’re starving to death. It’s designed to simultaneously make you stay full longer, reduce hunger, etc.

Here’s what you can start doing:

  1. Breakfast: Swap the sugary cereal for egg whites: egg white frittata or spinach egg white omelet.
  2. Lunch: Ditch the deli meats. Opt for grilled chicken, turkey, sirloin, or tenderloin.
  3. Dinner: Think tuna, shrimp, salmon, white fish, and chicken breast, fish. 
  4. Snack: Fat-free Greek yogurt or a protein shake.

Resource: Food Tracking Made Easy Part 1 Part 2


3-How To Lower Your Stress Levels In 3 Minutes

Let’s talk about stress.

If you’re like my busy executive and entrepreneur clients, high stress is a weekly experience. 

But did you know you can reduce that stress in just 3 minutes? That’s right. Deep breathing is the key.

Find a quiet spot. Either lay down with your eyes closed if you can (best) or sit up straight in a chair. Then, take a slow, deep breath through your nose for a count of 5. Then, exhale for a count of 5. Don’t hold your breath as this increases stress levels. Repeat this 5-second in/5-seconds out pattern for 3 minutes.

This breathing technique stimulates your vagus nerve and calms you down.  

So next time you feel that crunch, remember to breathe your way to relaxation.

Legendary Life Client: Damon R.

Meet Damon, Meet Dan, a 47-year-old CEO from Florida who struggled to maintain his health while expanding his business.

In 5 months, he dropped 27 lbs, went from size 44 to 38, and has more energy to grow his company and enjoy his hobbies than ever.

He followed a customized workout plan with short and effective workout routines that fit into his busy schedule, which he could do even when traveling.

Also, he had a customized nutrition protocol that was easy to follow and allowed him to enjoy his weekends without guilt.

The best part is that Damon went from overwhelmed and stressed to focused, grounded, and leaner without killing himself at the gym or following strict diets.

If you’re a high achiever who wants to lose fat and transform your body while thriving in business or career, click here and schedule a 15-min strategy call with us.



Book Recommendation 

Buy Back Your Time: Get Unstuck, Reclaim Your Freedom, and Build Your Empire

If you’re feeling trapped in your business routine and want to regain control, this book is for you. Martel brilliantly lays out strategies to reclaim your freedom and build that empire you’ve always dreamt of without compromising our most important asset: time. This is a must-read for those wanting to level up in your business.

Listen to Dan Martell’s Interview here.


Whenever you’re ready, there are two ways I can help you:

1) Want to learn the simple 5-step process my high achieving clients over 40 are using to skyrocket their energy and build younger, leaner bodies while enjoying life?

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Ted Ryce is a high-performance coach, celebrity trainer, and a longevity evangelist. A leading fitness professional for over 24 years in the Miami Beach area, who has worked with celebrities like Sir Richard Branson, Rick Martin, Robert Downey, Jr., and hundreads of CEOs of multimillion-dollar companies. In addition to his fitness career, Ryce is the host of the top-rated podcast called Legendary Life, which helps men and women reclaim their health, and create the body and life they deserve.

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