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They Called Us Crazy (But We Did It Anyway)
March 7, 2018
296: Top Health Benefits Of Collagen (And Why You Should Take It For Younger Skin, Gut Health, Better Sleep And More)
March 19, 2018
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295: How to Master Your Mind, Accomplish Anything and Become a More Significant Human with Ryan Munsey

Brief Bio:

The author of _F*ck Your Feelings_ and the host of The Better Human Project podcast, Ryan Munsey is a high-performance consultant, and thought leader in the wellness and personal development space.

He has worked with professional and Olympic athletes, Navy SEALs, and entrepreneurs – helping them optimize their minds and bodies, win medals, further careers, and build multiple 6-figure businesses. His work has been featured in Fortune Magazine, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

– What Ryan’s been up to since he was last on Legendary Life (7:21)

– Why being a healthy human being is more than nutrition and fitness (9:16)

– How to prevent health & fitness from taking over your life (12:13)

– The neuroscience of how we make decisions (14:35)

– Want to be happy? Don’t follow your feelings (16:00)

– The difference between feelings and emotions (19:38)

– Forget positive thinking: This is how to actually change negative thinking immediately (21:10)

– How does the brain affect our behavior (22:55)

– Food cravings are not your fault. Here’s why.  (23:39)

– How our evolutionary wiring is mismatched with our modern day environment (28:18)

– Why our brains are like advanced computers running on an old operating system (30:53)

– How to stop procrastinating now (32:31)

– The difference between personality traits (34:55)

– Several systems to measure our stress levels with HRV and polyvagal theory (39:56)

– How to Calm Nerves & Manage Stress (42:52)

– Is Motivation Useless? (49:39)

– How to create a stress management routine (55:23)

– What “choice architecture” is and how to use it to improve your life (58:12)


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Ted Ryce is a high-performance coach, celebrity trainer, and a longevity evangelist. A leading fitness professional for over 24 years in the Miami Beach area, who has worked with celebrities like Sir Richard Branson, Rick Martin, Robert Downey, Jr., and hundreads of CEOs of multimillion-dollar companies. In addition to his fitness career, Ryce is the host of the top-rated podcast called Legendary Life, which helps men and women reclaim their health, and create the body and life they deserve.

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