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Ted Talk 180: Unlocking the Million-Dollar Mindset: My $15,000, One-Day Coaching Journey

Imagine a diamond. It starts its journey deep beneath the earth’s surface as a lump of coal. The coal undergoes immense pressure and temperature over millions of years, transforming it into a brilliant diamond. Now, imagine if you could replicate that process in a single day, transforming your mindset from coal to diamond in 24 hours. In today’s Ted Talk episode, will reveal how he achieved exactly that, sharing the lessons he learned and the remarkable transformation he experienced. Tune in now and listen!

543: The Confidence Factor: How Physical Fitness Boosts Self-Esteem And Leadership Presence In Executives with ted Ryce

What makes a great leader stand out from the rest? Confidence. Confidence in yourself, in your abilities, and in your team. It’s a powerful trait that can make or break a leader’s success. One often overlooked (but highly effective) way to boost confidence and enhance leadership presence is through regular physical fitness. In this episode, Ted will explore the science behind the link between exercise and self-esteem, and provide actionable tips to help you become a more confident, successful leader. Listen now!

Ted Talk 178: Lost Your Motivation To Work Out And Get In Shape? Here’s Why (And How To Get Back On Track)

Are you struggling to find motivation to work out and get in shape? Do you often tell yourself that you're just lazy and lack discipline? What if we told you that the real problem is something different? In today's Ted Talk episode, Ted explores the psychology and neuroscience of motivation and shares practical tips for getting back on track with your health and fitness goals.  Listen now!

Ted Talk 175: How Much Are You Willing To Invest In Yourself To Get To The Next Level

Spending time and money on self-development is crucial for sustained growth; there's no doubt about it. Yet even after putting in hundreds of reps and being consistent, you'll realize there's a limit to where you can take yourself. In today's Ted Talk, Ted reveals the secret shortcut you need to take to achieve success and pump up your happiness baseline for good. Listen Now!
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