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July 29, 2022
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August 5, 2022
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515: Your Future Self Will Thank You. A Must Listen Episode

Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s part of the process. Every time we fail, we learn a lesson, create resilience, and become wiser, if we pay enough attention.

Still, even though we can learn from our mistakes, time is relentless, and there is nothing we can do about it. However, there is a resource we can use to cut some corners; we can rely on like-minded people’s experiences to save ourselves time.

Why try things we already know won’t work, right? Also, why don’t we try the things that worked for people who got the results we want for us?

In this episode, Ted shares the most valuable lessons he learned during his journey as a health and fitness specialist and entrepreneur, the things he would like to tell his younger self, and his discoveries about courage, confidence, and consistency.

He shares his thoughts on “waiting for the right time” to do things, why investing in ourselves is a life-changing decision and the need for creating high-performing habits.

If you want to not only live but thrive and be in your best version to enjoy life in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s, you can’t miss today’s episode. Listen now!


You’ll learn:

  • Ted’s challenges at the beginning of his podcasting career
  • How Ted decided to start a new life in Thailand
  • About the birth of Ted’s coaching business
  • The difficult time Ted had in Colombia and how the business started to grow as his personal life was a mess
  • How to get rid of the scarcity mindset to be able to grow and expand our business
  • Why are radical changes easier to make but difficult to maintain
  • And much more…


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Podcast Transcription: Your Future Self Will Thank You. A Must Listen Episode

Ted Ryce: If you've been listening to this podcast for years, I want to thank you for being a loyal listener and for being with me on this journey, it's been such a wild ride. And if you're new to the show, welcome, so excited to have you. We're over eight years in our podcast journey coming, on nine years.

And right now, Legendary Life Podcast is one of the top health and fitness podcasts. We have over a thousand reviews. We get about a hundred thousand downloads a month. Eight years ago, when we first started in February, 2014, I mean, I had no idea what was going to happen.

And when we started, it was extremely stressful. I mean, of course there was the honeymoon phase, right? When you start something new and exciting, but Gisele and I, my business partner, we had jobs. We worked all week and over the weekends, it was a stressful time.

And when I think back about what I could have done differently, what I could have told myself eight years ago, if I could go back in time and talk to that—how old was I? 34-year-old version of me… Oh gosh, I can't even do math, 37-year-old version of me. What would I say? And that's what I want to talk to you about today and not just my journey, but what your future version might say if you could go and talk to them.

So, welcome back to the show. I'm your host, Ted Ryce health expert and coach to entrepreneurs, executives, and other high-performers. So, let's get back to the story. When we first started, I mean, I had my clients, I was training my clients and taking their phones and saying, “Hey, listen, here's how you do a review, can you just leave me a review?” I asked my friends, my family, we were working so hard just to put out one episode per week.

Now we do two, but we had no idea about content creation, what our listeners wanted to hear. If you've been listening for a while, we went through several name changes, we were paying all our podcast costs out of pocket, there was little to no money left over to do fun things.

Gisele and I, what we do? We go out to dinner once a week and realized, “Oh man, dinner's not enough.” We just shove food in our faces, eating emotionally, but it didn't provide enough of a getaway, so we do a movie in dinner and that kind of changed things up.

But our lives were quite stressful and not so fun. I mean, we were all in the podcast, but we just didn't have guidance, everyone was telling us something different and we were confused about what the best strategy was to follow. And maybe you can relate to that with your health and fitness journey, hearing so many different things from Podcasts, YouTube videos, and reading articles. Who's right? Well, that's where we were.

We spent years trying to figure things out, we did some courses, we went to events, but when we returned from those events, we weren't sure what to do in the context of our business, what we needed to do for our podcast, not just any podcast, but how do we apply those principles to what we're dealing with and how we are growing.

We were so confused, just the general strategies, nothing was tailored for us, it was tough. We got to a point, we were super burnt out that honeymoon phase where like, “Hey, we're starting a podcast” and it was so exciting, but then we weren't making any money, we didn't know how to turn it into a business, we were actually paying money, as I said earlier, to keep this podcast going.

And it got to the point at the end of 2017, where we had a little bit of money saved up and Gisele and I looked at each other—actually, this is how it happened, Gisele was like, “Ted, we have a little bit of money saved and yes, we could pay credit card bills and pay off our debts, and we could go back to what we've been doing and just keep doing that, or we could do something more drastic.”

She didn't say that word, but she was like, she suggested—I forgot how she said it, but she said, “What if we move to Thailand? What if we packed our stuff, sold our stuff, packed up the rest, moved to Asia,” really without a plan, but we needed to get out of our environment.

We were so stuck, we're stuck financially, we're stuck in our relationship because Gisele, as you may know, she's my current business partner, but we were married at the time and it was—I was trying to do the responsible American thing, and just pay my debts and then, don't get out of debt and pay the credit cards down and just keep plugging away.

But something about it felt wrong, like wrong for my soul and Gisele felt the same way and that's why she brought it up. So, it didn't take long, but I said, “Yes,” In fact, I think it took a matter of less than a minute, I was like, go back to being angry and unhappy and stuck and not sure what to do to move forward with this podcast. If you were listening to me in that time, 2017, that's where I was. We had a few setbacks too, I hurt my back in 2016, we just had so many things happen to us. Gisele's dad died.

And even though we had never been to Thailand, we had heard from people that had gone there to build their business, and it was a really great experience for them and help them to launch their business. So, we did it, we didn't know what the hell we were going to do, or we had no business plan, no plan in general, we had some money saved, but we were committed and it was so stressful to pack everything up.

It wouldn't have happened without Gisele, she took charge of packing everything up and selling as much as we could to get as much money to live, as we didn't know what we were going to do for money once we got there. And that allowed me keep training clients and break the news to them and tie up the loose ends.

And we made it happen, we got there. And I was so excited when I arrived in Bangkok. I remember coming from the airport, Bangkok…If you've never been there, it's not a beautiful city, it's not a place where you arrive, like maybe Barcelona and you're like, “Whoa, look at this beautiful architecture and what an incredible city.”

No, it's rough looking, but I didn't care. I was like, “You know what? Something about this feels right. I'm on the other side of the world, literally, but something about it feels right.” Gisele actually shared with me a bit later that she had some reservations because as soon as we ended up there…I mean, we were coming from Miami beach to Bangkok, that's a huge, and Gisele is from Brazil and for her, she felt she was going backwards a little bit, and she later shared that. But for me, I was all in for some reason.

And once we got there, we were doing well. I mean, it was so strange to be some white American dude in the middle of Thailand, Bangkok Thailand, because if you're familiar with Bangkok, there's a central area where all the tourists were, we weren't there, we were more outside on the outskirts where we could get a place for $400 a month, a nice place actually, but for very inexpensive while we figured out what to do, because we didn't have that much money saved.  We spending a thousand or more, that's going to run out very quickly.

And after spending several months trying things, getting speaking gigs. I remember I did a speaking gig from Bangkok for an American company and I did it online, I was like, “Whoa, that was amazing, I want more of those,” but we didn't get more. And then I tried to do some events in Australia, the Philippines, Malaysia, everything fell through, but we weren't losing hope. And one of the things that kept us going is that our quality of life was really good, we were getting massages one or two a week, and the massages there it's like $10, 300 Thai Baht, which at the time was around $10.

And we were doing fun, exciting things every week. Just walking down the street in Bangkok can be an adventure, it's so different, it's like New York city a little bit, but everyone's Thai and there's all this street food.

The abundance of food in Thailand is just in insane, and we were probably spending about $10 a day each on food and mostly eating out, eating on the street or eating in the mall, eating in restaurants, and we were running out of money and we knew we needed to do something fast. And we had done coaching in the past, but we knew we needed a consistent way to make money, especially we're running out of cash.

And during this time, not only were we in Bangkok, but we were traveling around, we went to Vietnam, to Bali, to Malaysia, to different areas in Thailand, Chiang Mai, Phuket. And actually, it was in Malaysia, we were working day and night and we finally launched the coaching business. And this is at the end of 2018 or towards the fourth quarter, let's say.

And in the first week, we got two clients, our first two clients, and we were ecstatic, couldn't believe it. It's like, “Oh my gosh, I made money magically come out of the internet,” and we didn't know what to do, but we knew this was the right path. We had no idea how to get more clients, and we thought at the time we should hire a coach to help.

But the story that we were saying was that we didn't have enough money. And the thing was though is we were burning through money on our own, we ran Facebook ads, we even had a guy help us. We hired people to run ads and we had to give up on it because it was—we're basically throwing away money. And the reason that the ads didn't work was because the person who we hired, the coach, she wasn't looking at all aspects of our business.

She couldn't see the parts that we needed to improve to get our ad costs lower. So, we saved money again, hired a different coach and it didn't work out either. So fast forward to—Oh, gosh, I can't even remember. I think this was in 2019, we finally found something that worked, we actually found two things that worked.

We bought two courses and these courses changed the game for us and it allowed us to realize, okay, well, here's some strategies to grow, not just the podcast, but to get more clients. And if you've heard us start to promote ourselves differently that—or have seen us mostly on social media, because I want to tell you, when it comes to running this business, there's multiple parts.

There's the podcast, I love doing this podcast, there's coaching clients, I love coaching clients it's so gratifying for a person to show up one day and then see them three months, four months later, a completely different person, but the part of this business, that's challenging that I don't think I share enough, it's like this social media promotion.

All the things that go into running the different parts, oh man, it can be such a headache and we'd finally got some decent instruction on how to do it. And by 2020, when COVID hit and I was in Colombia, I was so worried that everything that we had worked for was just going to fall apart. But it turned out to be one of the best things for us.

Now, listen, if you struggled through COVID, I feel for you, if you struggled through the quarantine, I feel for you, and I'm not saying I didn't struggle, I did. I just didn't struggle with my business, the business for the first time I was locked in a room in Colombia the quarantine was really strict. I was locked in a room, I couldn't leave the building, except for two times; one to two times a week on a Colombia weekly rotating schedule.

So, one week, I'd be able to leave the apartment one day and then the next week I could leave two days. It was very strict, and if you got caught, it was going to cost you 300 bucks a pop. And I know people got in trouble in Colombia for leaving when they shouldn't have, they checked you.

But for me, I sat down, and so I used that opportunity to sit down and do work, I dove back into that course we had got, and I knew the next step was to hire a coach, but right when we were ready to do that, my dad got sick and I had to fly home on a humanitarian flight from Medellin, Colombia to Miami Florida to go take care of my dad.

And as most of you know, He died a few months later, I had to take care of him. I was still working with clients during that time, but I basically stopped promoting myself, we weren't taking on new people, my dad was the number one focus. I saw that either this was the end or the beginning of the end, and it turned out to be the end for him.

And life threw me something again that stopped us in our path, because if it stopped me, it also stopped Gisele. But it took me a year to get back on my feet to the point where I was ready to work again, because after my dad died, I had no motivation because up until that point, I wanted to be successful, not just financially, but emotionally successful to show my dad, “Hey man, look, our family has been through all this tragedy, but here I am, I'm going to be okay dad, our family's going to be okay.”

And luckily, I was able to make that happen, I gave him that gift before he died; and something that I wish I could have done better if I'm telling you the truth. But he was very proud of me, because I had exceeded all his expectations of what was possible.

And I remember asking him, or I remember him telling me like, “Ted, I just saw something in you, I saw that you didn't give up and I felt I needed to invest in you, I needed to bet on you, you just wouldn't give up and you've always been like.” He told me a story of when he remembered me running around when I was about 10 years old and I slipped and fell off the sidewalk into some bushes and he got concerned for a second, and then I popped back out and kept running, like nothing happened.

And he told me, he is like, “I just saw that you just don't give up,” and I knew I needed to help you, and he did throughout the years. In fact, there was a time in—back to rewind a little bit, before Colombia, there was a time of Vietnam where we had $5 left in our account—no, actually, maybe it was $10 left in the account, five or $10 left in the account.

And we were in Vietnam, in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City. And we were at a coffee place and we had $10, $5 left, and I spent like three or $4 on a brownie and a coffee, a cappuccino—I love cappuccinos. And Gisele was like, “I can't believe you just did this,” I'm like, “Well, we have no money, we can't afford anything, it's not like, you know, why not?” And my dad ended up sending us cash, a few hundred dollars, I think it was $500, something like that to keep going so that we could pay our bills.

Because we had payments that were going to come through, but they just weren't going to come through fast enough, and we ended up borrowing money from her friend, Gisele's friend. I mean, we had some real struggles in Asia, I don't think I've talked enough about them.

And I say all this because I want you to think about your challenges, your struggles, and the fact that we all say that, “Oh, it's not the right time, and we got to wait until things slow down,” but that's bullshit, there is no right time. And some people will say, “No, you're wrong, Ted, there is a right time.”

And think it's partly bullshit and partly true. Partly bullshit is saying that you don't have time to push forward on goals, you have some time, it's the level of investment. You have time to read a book, to help you get ahead. Let's say for your health, you have time to take a course or you have some time to invest, whether it's a book, a course, a coach, a podcast, you have some time to invest just like you're investing right now.

We all have time to invest in what we want to accomplish, and there's also ways of speeding up the process. And so many of us say, “We can't afford to hire or do what we really need to do to fast forward our results.” But if I kind of wrap up the point of this whole thing is one of the regrets, I have is that I was spending so much money on other things like: spend the Facebook ads. What else did we do? We hired a few different people, but we never hired a business coach.

And it's one of the things fast forward today. Look, my business is growing, we're signing up more and more people to our coaching business all the time. And the reason that's happening is because: I invested long term with a coach, I signed up for a year. I paid—I think it's $26,000 for that, that might be wrong, $24,000 for that, for a year.

I want you to think about that. Now, if you have a scarcity mindset, you might say, “Well, that's insane, Ted, I would never do that, I would never pay for coaching.” And what I want to tell you is this: If I had been you, my business—we made $40,000 in one month. I would've never done that without a coach, and we've had $30,000 months.

Now our costs of operating have grown, so I'm talking about revenue here, not profit. We had to pay back some debts, so I'm talking revenue right now, not like what's in my bank account? But we would've never done that. And what I want to tell you is, man, I wish I could go back and grab my former self by my shirt and shake myself and say, “Listen, stop thinking about the damn money you're going to spend, start thinking about the return on investment. Do you want to have a $40,000 month or $20,000 month?”

And how about this because we're not even just having months that are that successful, because I've made $20,000 in a month without a coach using the course. But the problem was I was working my ass off and it didn't seem sustainable, and I see the same people, same mistakes people making with their health. They invested a low level, they're doing something that's unsustainable, but they just roll with it.

And hey, if you're there and that's what you feel you're up to, we all have our journeys. So, I'm not judging you right now, because I've been there, I've been there with all the stories. “Oh no, I have to do it this way, my joints hurt, this diet I hate, but I'm getting results, so I'm going to keep doing it until I can't do it anymore, which will be soon, but right now, I'm going to do it. My back is hurting, my shoulder aches, I just want to eat some damn bread, well, I got to do this, got to do it this way.”

I've been there, but at least if you hear about this story, you can say to yourself, “You know what? There is a better way, I heard this crazy guy say it on a podcast somewhere.” So that's what I wish I could do. If I could go back, I would've hired a coach when I first started my podcast, it wouldn't have been eight years, I've struggled for the majority of that time.

In fact, even when we were doing well in 2020, I was making…So here's the entrepreneur's journey, maybe you can relate, but this is because you lived it, but this is how it goes. At first you have no money, so you need to work to make money. So, you start working a lot, so you have no time and then you start making money.

Then you realize, “Oh my gosh, I have money now, this is great. But oh wow, I'm super tired, I can't sustain this level of output, it's going to burn me out where I'm going to pay for it with my health.” And that's where I see a lot of entrepreneurs actually.

So, I need to delegate, I need to improve the systems, I need to hire people, I need to train them up. And so now you start paying money and you get your time back, and then now that's where we are and I'm able to leverage—I'm in such a great place right now, because before when I was making money, it was costing me all my time, it was stressing me out, delivering for clients, I had no life.

And now, we have an assistant coach, we have other people who are working for us, and now I'm able to leverage my time to do the things that I love to do best coaching my clients and creating content showing up with you here today on the podcast.

And I tried everything on the market, when it comes to building my business, I tried all the free stuff. And even when I was trying to get in shape, I tried all the trendy diets on the market, except for keto, never did that thankfully. Crazy workouts, miracle supplements, I did detox, fasting, boot camps, used to drink coffee and butter in the morning until like one or 2 PM where I just couldn't take it anymore and I'd have to actually finally eat some food and still didn't get that lean, just lost a little bit of fat.

And if you do the math and put all the time, money, effort invested in those things for years, oh gosh, hard to look back at. And I want you to look back at what you've been doing with your health, right now, how long has it taken you? How long have you been in this journey where you think, “Oh, well this next thing I'll try, and maybe it'll be it,” instead of just cracking the code.

I crack the code with body transformation, and now I feel like I'm starting to crack the code for this particular type of business. And it's through coaching that both happen. I worked with a coach back in 2019 for my body when I was in Phuket, Thailand, actually got Dengue fever and I was working with my coach, Eric.

We worked—oh gosh, I think four or five months together, something like that. And by the end of the year, I was eating foods that I love and I was as lean as I've ever been in my life. I've been that lean before, but I was doing jiu-jitsu and a low carb diet, and my body ached and I was exercising a lot to maintain it.

And now what I do—oh my gosh, it's so easy to—I don't work out that hard guys, I don't work out that hard and I'm getting back to that veins-on-abs lean, and that's what can happen when you have the proper guidance. There are better strategies that give you faster results, especially with fat loss—or with the story I've been sharing today with your podcast, with your business.

So, if you're tired of trying everything and feeling hopeless and not getting the results you want, life is always throwing you challenges and unexpected events. That's what happened to me, and that's when I realized, whoa, if I would've hired a coach, I could have saved myself so much time and suffering.

In fact, one of my clients—shout out to you, Dan, if you're listening. He's like “I've been doing this for 15 years and my big regret is…” Let me say this again. He's been working on his health and fitness for 15 years, hasn't been getting great results.

And then he's only been in my coaching group for three months now, he's lost 30 pounds and he told me he's like, “This is the best money I've ever spent. My only regret is, why didn't I do this 15 years ago.” And the reality is, it's a mindset issue. I had it, I didn't have anybody, I wasn't listening to podcast like this that told me, “Hey, listen, get a freaking coach, stop fucking around.”

I mean, if your time is worth something to you, because it's not just the lack of results, it's the low energy, it's the frustration. It causes stress and it takes you away from so much of your life. Oh my gosh! My big goal right now, just so you know, is to: focus on relationships, I've got my health handle.

Oh, my God. I feel so much better at 45, now. I've got a lot of injuries I'm dealing with, it's not all... what do you say, roses? And whatever the saying is, I can't remember, but it's not all upside here, I've got a lot of injuries I deal with, I can't just train the way I want.

I have to do these special rehab exercises for my knee, my shoulder, my back, my neck, my elbows. From many years of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I have to kind of watch what I do. So, it's not all positive, but man, I feel amazing, I feel so much better than I used to, better than I ever have.

Even when I had youth working for me, which isn't the youth of my 20s or maybe early 30s working for me. I feel better now and it's because of my strategies, a lot of that I learned through my coach, Eric, and now I'm better in my relationships, which is really the thing that I'm all about.

So, our relationships with other people that make life worth living, that's my personal belief. And even with my business, one of the reasons that I broke up with my ex-girlfriend was because I'm like, “Damn,” I'm trying to work on my business and then we have a problem, and then it takes me away from the business and I get stressed and it's like, “Oh my gosh.” I needed to get to a point where I had some stability with my business.

And my coach has given me that, Mike. I'll have him on the show eventually, he is such a inspirational guy and a killer business coach. Changed everything for me and now I feel like I'm finally ready at 45 years old to get into something serious and have a family. Because I feel confident in where I am with my body and my health, I feel confident with where I am with my business.

It's not even that I'm at the place where I want to be, it's just I see the path forward, I'm no longer stressed out about whether I'm going to get results or not. It's just, I've got to do the work, show up and do the work, it's a hard day today, it's a better day tomorrow. You have those ups and downs, but I know there's a path forward and I have someone who I can trust, who can get me there.

And that's what I am for my clients. And I want to ask you, I mean, you have two options if you're struggling in particular with your health—but this goes for any area. If you're struggling with your health, if you're struggling with your financial, situation or your business, if you're struggling in your relationships, why do you keep doing things that just don't work? And you're stuck in that cycle that you can't get out of, and you hear a podcast or a maybe even read a book, and it causes some type of shift, but it's not a sustainable lasting transformative shift.

You can also work with the world class coach that can get you there, record time. I know what you might be thinking, “Are you telling me that I should hire you? And you're the only coach that can help me,” no! Again, this goes for any area, I'm not a relationship coach or a business coach, but I'm telling you, Goddamnit, hire someone to help you.

I want you to think about something here. I've been living outside the United States for a while, and I've started to see habits differently, culture differently. And I'll tell you, people are not in the habit of asking for help in the United States. Although we all get it, right? We all go to school, not all of us, but you know what I'm saying?

We all go to school, we have teachers, we have coaches in athletics and those people, if they're good, they have a profound impact on us, profound. But once we leave and become adults—and some of us still have people who are good influences in us, in our business and maybe even in relationships. But once we become adults, we stop doing that.

We feel like we should have it all figured out, but the reality is we're all learning anyway, we're all listening to podcasts, we're all trying to get better, but we don't invest big time. We don't put our money where our mouth is, we don't put skin in the game with a person who has a proven track record.

And I'm telling you, once you do that, you'll never go back and do anything differently. And if you are looking for someone to help you with your health, I'll tell you why people hire me and the type of results I get. I mean, and if you think that I sound like the right person for you, then we can hop on a 50-minute strategy call not to sell you, but to see how I can guide you and what your goals are.

And I'm not a good coach for everyone. I have a very small business, really, we help a specific type of person. I've been working with entrepreneurs specifically, or people who are like—we have high level executives, attorneys. I've got an actor—shout out to you, Ryan—in our coaching program now.

So, we work with busy professionals, high performers who have a busy lifestyle. And here's the thing: they've tried other things in the past, but it hasn't led to a permanent transformation, it hasn't led to the skills, the knowledge, the habit formation, the breaking of bad patterns. And ultimately—and I hesitate to even say it—an identity shift to where you're just doing things. Just like how you brush your teeth every day, knows how you floss every day.

Can't go to bed without flossing, that's who you are now, and that's what we specialize in doing. And my clients just like me, I had half a pizza the other night, because when I say there are no foods that are restricted, I used to try to be cryptic about it because I thought maybe that would make people sign up with me more.

But really, what they ended up thinking, which I later learned is that: Oh, so you're telling me, well, I can eat anything I want, but I only can have a bite of ice cream or like half a slice of pizza. No, I eat half a pizza, I'll eat the whole dessert. And I tell you the methods—I have methods for balancing out the calories. I teach you how to budget your food in the way that you might budget your personal finances.

Now that concept's easy to understand, but it's hard to put into practice unless you have the specific knowledge that I teach my clients. And what kind of results do I get? 20 to 30 pounds on average in four months while building a lean fit and less achy body, while eating pizza, while eating desserts, or even having some alcohol, none of those things are stopping you.

It's just that when we take strict approaches, they're easier to do simpler to do. They're easier to do at first, at least and then they get really hard to do. What I teach is a bit harder to do at first, but easier to maintain, that's where people screw up. It's like, a low carb diet or just stop eating carbs, is it carb? Lord what a carb is? Stop eating it, there you go that's a low carb diet. But people get mixed results or can't stick with it.

So, what's easy at first becomes hard later, what's hard at first: signing up to a coach, signing up to get coaching and then learning the types of things that I have people learn, sucks at first, I am not going to lie to you, it doesn’t suck that much, but rather not do it. But then it leads to freedom.

My clients sleep better, manage their stress better, get off of medications, feel more energetic and productive. They end up not just transforming their bodies. I love a good body transformation. But what do they really mean to me is that: now the people who work with us become better parents, better role models.

When my clients tell me that they become a better parent, because they're more present with their kids or that they've started doing some things differently, like: exercising, and then the kids start emulating the parents, I get so excited about that.

And you know what people think about, “Oh, well it costs money, You know what? It costs thousands of dollars to work, to be part of my coaching program, whether it's group or whether it's one on one, but all my clients end up making more money.

And if that scares you, you're not high level enough, if you'll spend thousands on other things, your vacation to Cancun at the all you can eat, all-inclusive resort, all you can eat resort, where it's just going to make your situation worse. You're not the type of client I'm looking for.

I'm looking for people who realize putting skin in the game is part of the commitment to themselves. And also, when you start investing in yourself, you start making more money, all my clients do better financially. My clients go back to hobbies because they build an injury-free body, they start to feel live again.

One of my clients from a couple years ago told me that he was about to turn 50 and was afraid of his next two decades, like going from doctor appointment to doctor appointment. And he lost 72 pounds with me in six months, he said, “Man, I'm not dancing across the ground, but I feel I'm so light on my feet, I feel alive again.”

If you want to feel young again, don't buy a $200,000 sports car or a hundred thousand dollars BMW, lose fat in a way that allows you to enjoy your life, learn how to train, to boost your energy, not to drain it. I'm 45, I'd feel…I didn't have the entries, I would feel a lot even younger, but I'd feel more like 32, I feel at least 10 years younger, more than 10 years younger, for sure. It's not about eating the acai bowl and drinking the green juice.

If you're overweight or even obese, it's an issue, don't listen to society try to tell you anything different. Obesity is not just putting you at risk with your health, it's like consumer debt, it's like people going into debt with their health. That's what putting on fat is. “Oh, but Ted, it's not my fault, it's stress, you know?” I get it, but it is what it is.

The same thing is: if you go into debt because you're stress spending, which I've done that, I can't afford a coach or a psychologist, but I had a $3,000 couch, I had, thousands of dollars' worth of jeans hanging up in my closet, most of which I never wore, had hundred or $200 shirts in my closet, most of which I didn't wear. So, I get it, if you want to feel younger, lose fat, get in the best shape of your life.

And that's what my coaching is about, the weight loss, the health optimization, the stress management, the sleep optimization, high performance habits, the mindset, all elements of my proven system, but at the end of the day, the coaching is really about you.

The coaching is about you, the amazing human being that's here on earth to leave your mark to live your best life, to thrive in your health, wealth, and relationships, to be the hero of your own life and to those who look up to you, your children, your spouse. That's what I'm really about, that's what a legendary life is for me.

So, listen, if you have an area that you need to work on, who can you work with to get it handled fast? You have less time than you think, especially if you're in your 40’s, you may live to 80, maybe not, or 90 or 120, a lot of people, and human lifespans are under 120.

But if you want to be living your best life, in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, don't wait, there is no perfect time. And if you feel you want to work with me, if you feel like there might be a connection here, go to and schedule a 15-minute strategy call with me. All right,

Remember, even if it's not me, you owe yourself, your family, your dreams and your future self a better you today. See you in the next episode. Love you a lots, hope this helped today.

Ted Ryce is a high-performance coach, celebrity trainer, and a longevity evangelist. A leading fitness professional for over 24 years in the Miami Beach area, who has worked with celebrities like Sir Richard Branson, Rick Martin, Robert Downey, Jr., and hundreads of CEOs of multimillion-dollar companies. In addition to his fitness career, Ryce is the host of the top-rated podcast called Legendary Life, which helps men and women reclaim their health, and create the body and life they deserve.

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