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588: Nutrition Facts: Protein Intake Tips for Muscle Building and Longevity with Jorn Trommelen

In this episode, Ted interviews Jorn Trommelen, an expert in protein metabolism. They will discuss the misconceptions and myths surrounding protein intake, will provide practical tips on how to optimize your protein intake for muscle building and longevity, and more. Listen now!

Ted Talk 224: What Makes You Fat (And What To Do About It)

The first step to long-term fat loss results is understanding that being fat is not your fault. In this new Ted Talk episode, Ted Ryce explains why your environment is making you fat. Also, he will reveal the mindset shift you need to make to transform your body. Listen now!

Success Story: After Following All Restrictive Diets Out There and Gaining Back Every Pound She Lost, Lisa Finally Found the Secret to Sustainable Body Transformation

In today's episode, Ted talks to Lisa, a 44 years old senior-level executive and single mother of four children who tried almost every fat loss fad, joined my group coaching program, and lost over 20 pounds. Most importantly, she doubled her confidence, regained joy, and fixed her relationship with food. Listen now!

Ted Talk 223: How Does Alcohol Affect Your Weight? – Ask Ted

Wine over dinner, happy hour with friends, and beers on the weekend. Before you know it, alcohol can add up fast. In this Ask Ted, Ted answers, "How much alcohol can we drink before it negatively affects our weight loss and muscle growth? " Tune in to get all your questions about alcohol and weight loss answered!

587: How to Lose 20 Pounds Before Summer (Even if You Are Over 40)

Are you looking to get in shape for summer? In today’s episode, Ted shares a step-by-step plan for making that happen. You will discover the perfect diet, exercise, and lifestyle factors you need to apply to achieve sustainable results before summer. Listen now!

Ted Talk 222: 5 Fat Loss Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make (And How To Avoid Them)

Many high performers and successful entrepreneurs are trapped in a loop of losing and regaining 20lbs every year. Sounds familiar? In today’s Ted Talk episode, Ted reveals the most common mistakes every high performer makes with fat loss and how to avoid them. Listen now!

586: Ted’s Stem Cell Treatment Experience: 4-Week Follow Up

In today’s episode, Ted shares his one-month update after receiving stem cell injections at Dream Body Clinic. He discusses the improvements he noticed and shares practical considerations involved in navigating treatment options like stem cell therapy. He also highlights the potential benefits of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and more. Listen now!

Ted Talk 221: Is HIIT Training Bad For Your Heart? – Ask Ted

In this Ask Ted episode, Ted answers the question “Is HIIT dangerous for overweight people with heart disease?” He talks about the science behind HIIT and heart health, breaks down a scientific study about that and provides practical tips for implementing HIIT safely. Listen now!

585: The Future of Healing: Understanding Stem Cell Treatments for Joint Pain, Injuries, and Osteoarthritis

Do you have some joint pains or arthritis that gets in the way of your active lifestyle? In this episode, Ted discusses stem cell treatments for joint pain injuries and osteoarthriti. He shares his own experience with stem cell therapy, discusses the science behind it, the potential benefits it offer and more. Lsiten now!

Ted Talk 220: How To Stop Sabotaging Your Health Goals When Life Gets Busy

In this new episode, Ted shares some of the strategies he uses to help high-performing professionals lose fat even when life gets busy. He will go over what it takes to transform your body and make this into a lifestyle. Also, he will reveal the most important key to fat loss and much more. Listen Now!