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598: Unlocking Your Potential: Productivity, Resilience, and the Power of Focusing on Less with Jeff Sanders

Discover how to turn life's challenges into stepping stones for success. In today’s episode Ted interviews productivity expert Jeff Sanders, the mastermind behind The 5 AM Miracle podcast. Jeff shares his journey of resilience, revealing how he transformed setbacks into setups for a stronger, more focused life. Listen now!

597: Fitness Myths Debunked and Natural Bodybuilding Strategies to Lose Weight and Build Muscle Over 40 with Eric Helms, PhD

Do you find it hard to navigate all the fitness and nutrition advice out there? In today’s episode, Ted interviews Eric Helms, a pro natural bodybuilder known for his evidence-based approach. Eric debunks common myths and shares valuable scientific insights on getting in shape, even if you're over 40. Listen now!

596: Ted’s Stem Cell Treatment Experience: 16-Week Follow Up

Ready to find out if stem cell therapy is the real deal? In this episode, Ted is back with his 4-month update on his stem cell therapy journey, showcasing the impressive results of his treatment. If you're an over-40 high achiever looking to conquer pain and reclaim peak performance, you need to hear this. Listen now!

Success Story: After Following Restrictive Diets & Time-Consuming Workouts for Almost 3 Decades at Age 52, Dan Finally Transformed His Body by Doing Less

Eat less, move more — is weight loss that simple? It sounds straightforward. For that reason, most people don't understand why they keep struggling to burn fat and create a lean muscular body. Listen to this episode where my client Dan, who struggled with weight his entire adult life, joined my coaching program and lost 40 lbs in just four months while growing his business. Listen Now!

595: Beyond Conventional Medicine: The Healing Effects of Psilocybin with Gabe Charalambides

Imagine breaking free from years of anxiety and OCD through a transformative journey. Meet Gabe Charalambides, founder of Odyssey, the first legal psilocybin retreat in the US. In this episode, Gabe shares his insights on psilocybin and how it can help busy professionals find peace and personal growth. Listen now!

594: The Wealth Freedom Formula: Insider Wealth Secrets Revealed to Boost Your Financial Success with Eunicia Peret

Today, we have a truly special episode for you. Our special guest, Eunicia Peret is a financial strategist who is revolutionizing the way we think about wealth optimization. Eunicia has crafted a unique approach that not only focuses on growing your wealth but also eliminates the stress that typically comes with financial planning. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this!

593: Natural Bodybuilding Secrets for Achieving Your Fitness Goals: Effective Muscle Growth Strategies with Cliff Wilson

Do you want to lose fat and build muscle without looking like a bodybuilder? That's what natural bodybuilding is about. In today’s episode, Ted talks to Cliff Wilson, a professional natural bodybuilder and top physique coach, about building muscle using natural techniques. Listen now!

592: The Miracle Morning: The Secret Routine to Transform Your Life, Achieve Your Goals and Supercharge Your Productivity with Hal Elrod

In today’s episode, Ted interviews Hal Elrod, author of "The Miracle Morning," sharing his remarkable journey from near-death experiences to inspiring millions worldwide. Learn how his routine, born from adversity, can transform your life and cultivate a mindset of success. Listen now!

591: Navy SEAL Health Optimization Secrets: Sleep, Peptides, and Behavior Change with Dr. Kirk Parsley

In this episode, Ted interviews renowned performance enhancement physician and sleep expert, Kirk Parsley. They discuss the complexity of health and fitness, emphasizing the importance of sleep for health, metabolism, and performance. They explore behavior change, resilience, and the challenges of maintaining health in a busy lifestyle. Dr. Parsley also explores peptides and psychedelics for behavioral enhancement. Listen now!

Success Story: 48-Year-Old Successful Broker Dropped 21lbs, Transformed His Body & Increased His Energy & Performance At Work With Small Habit Changes

Meet my client Trevor, a 48-year-old successful real estate broker who went from sleep-deprived, out of shape, and stressed to lean, fit, and energetic in less than 100 days. And the best part, while thriving in business. He also reveals how to stay on track during the holidays, how to deal with social pressure, and much more. Listen now!