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January 29, 2018
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March 7, 2018
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294: 7 Secrets For Better Results In The Gym (And What Mistakes To Avoid) with Borge Fagerli


You probably learned how to exercise by reading blog posts, magazines, and following online workouts. Some of them got it right. Most of them definitely got it wrong. In this episode, our special guest Borge Fagerli, reveals seven fitness and healthy lifestyle secrets that will help you get better results at the gym.


Brief Bio:

Borge Fagerli is considered one of the most knowledgeable trainers on nutrition and exercise in Norway. He has developed Myo-Reps and the Biorythm diet. Børge runs his own coaching company Børge Fagerli Coaching Inc.

Børge has coached people engaged in disciplines ranging from long distance running and various sports to fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman. Under his tutelage, average performers have turned into National and World Champions. His coaching philosophy is figuring out how to make each individual person the best they can be.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

– How Borge got into the fitness industry (3:00)

– Why Arnold Schwarzenneger’s bodybuilding routine won’t work for you (5:00)

– Why it’s difficult to figure out which diet and workout will work for your individual situation (6:15)

– Why some people get great results from a workout while others don’t (8:42)

– What f*ckarounditis is and how to avoid it (10:33)

– A little-known workout “secret” that will lead to better results (12:55)

– Does higher testosterone lead to better results in the gym? Here’s your answer (15:28)

– How sleep deprivation affects fat loss and building muscle (19:18)

– What social jetlag is and why it’s ruining your results (21:00)

– What you should know about doing more than one set of an exercise (30:40)

– Why doing more sets or more exercise may lead to worse results (31:42)

– How a stressful lifestyle can stop your progress in the gym (33:56)

– The right way to perform your sets for optimal muscle growth (38:12)

– What myo reps are and how to perform them the right way (40:00)

– Which exercises work best for performing myo reps (46:28)

– A sample program for you to try out (48:54)

– Why lifting lighter earlier in the week and heavier later in the week may be more beneficial (51:15)

– A simple test to see if you’re recovered from your workout (54:23)

– Borge’s thought on heart rate variability (HRV) (57:11)

– How to use myo reps to build your glutes (1:01:14)

– Common mistakes people make when using myo reps (1:02:21)

– The best time to use myo reps in your workouts (1:03:50)



Watch Myo Reps Video

Cybernetic Fitness Project


Connect with Borge:

Borge’s Website


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