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Ted Talk 223: How Does Alcohol Affect Your Weight? – Ask Ted

Wine over dinner, happy hour with friends, and beers on the weekend. Before you know it, alcohol can add up fast. In this Ask Ted, Ted answers, "How much alcohol can we drink before it negatively affects our weight loss and muscle growth? " Tune in to get all your questions about alcohol and weight loss answered!

586: Ted’s Stem Cell Treatment Experience: 4-Week Follow Up

In today’s episode, Ted shares his one-month update after receiving stem cell injections at Dream Body Clinic. He discusses the improvements he noticed and shares practical considerations involved in navigating treatment options like stem cell therapy. He also highlights the potential benefits of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and more. Listen now!

585: The Future of Healing: Understanding Stem Cell Treatments for Joint Pain, Injuries, and Osteoarthritis

Do you have some joint pains or arthritis that gets in the way of your active lifestyle? In this episode, Ted discusses stem cell treatments for joint pain injuries and osteoarthriti. He shares his own experience with stem cell therapy, discusses the science behind it, the potential benefits it offer and more. Lsiten now!

584: VO2 Max Essentials: How to Improve it and What it Means for Health, Performance, and Longevity with Brady Holmer

There are many misconceptions surrounding what exactly VO2 max is and the most effective methods to improve it. That is why Ted invited an expert to the show today to shed light on this topic. Brady Holmer will talk about the VO2 Max essentials, will share the right exercise protocol for VO2 max improvement and more. Listen now!
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