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593: Natural Bodybuilding Secrets for Achieving Your Fitness Goals: Effective Muscle Growth Strategies with Cliff Wilson

Do you want to lose fat and build muscle without looking like a bodybuilder? That's what natural bodybuilding is about. In today’s episode, Ted talks to Cliff Wilson, a professional natural bodybuilder and top physique coach, about building muscle using natural techniques. Listen now!

589: Breaking Fitness and Nutrition Myths: The Key Secrets to Muscle Growth and Optimal Nutrition with Borge Fagerli

In today's episode, Ted interviews Borge Fagerli, a renowned expert on nutrition and exercise in Norway. They discuss fitness and nutrition myths and the importance of challenging beliefs and embracing a holistic approach. They also delve into Borge’s Myo-Reps method and its recent updates and more. Listen now!

Ted Talk 225: Does Weight Lifting After 40 Harm Your Joints? – Ask Ted

On today's Ask Ted episode, Ted answers the question: “Does weight lifting harm your joints if you're over 40?” If you're hitting the gym and worried about injury or existing joint issues, this episode is for you. Ted talks about the misconceptions around muscle and joint wear and tear and reveals the real culprits behind joint pain. Listen now!

Ted Talk 221: Is HIIT Training Bad For Your Heart? – Ask Ted

In this Ask Ted episode, Ted answers the question “Is HIIT dangerous for overweight people with heart disease?” He talks about the science behind HIIT and heart health, breaks down a scientific study about that and provides practical tips for implementing HIIT safely. Listen now!
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