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Ted Talk 221: Is HIIT Training Bad For Your Heart? – Ask Ted

In this Ask Ted episode, Ted answers the question “Is HIIT dangerous for overweight people with heart disease?” He talks about the science behind HIIT and heart health, breaks down a scientific study about that and provides practical tips for implementing HIIT safely. Listen now!

Ted Talk 220: How To Stop Sabotaging Your Health Goals When Life Gets Busy

In this new episode, Ted shares some of the strategies he uses to help high-performing professionals lose fat even when life gets busy. He will go over what it takes to transform your body and make this into a lifestyle. Also, he will reveal the most important key to fat loss and much more. Listen Now!

579: VO2 Max Explained: The Key to Longevity and a Healthier Life (And How To Improve It)

In today’s episode Ted reveals a crucial predictor for aging, disease resilience, and the secret to longevity. He discusses the importance of the VO2 max metric, the type of exercise you need for boosting it and some other effective strategies for enhancing longevity, preventing diseases, and optimizing your health. Listen now!

Ted Talk 208: Do You Really Need To Do Cardio To Lose Weight?

So, what's the best workout for fat loss? You might think it's cardio — heart-pumping, sweat-inducing cardio like running, cycling, or swimming. In this Real Talk Friday episode, Ted reveals the best exercise to burn fat fast and the best guidelines for cardio. Plus, how to exercise for overall health and keep your brain sharp. Listen Now!
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