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Legendary Lean Success Story: Sarah P., 40 Y/O, Lost Over 100 Lbs, Got Off Her Cholesterol Meds, And Feels Sexy And Confident
August 6, 2018
315: How To Fix Low Back Pain Naturally (Without Drugs or Surgery) with Dr. Chad Waterbury
August 20, 2018
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314: An Inspirational Guide To Overcoming Adversity with Peter Sage

What happens when you put a non-criminal and one of the world’s top experts in personal growth, into one of the toughest prisons in the UK? In 2017, that’s exactly what happened to Peter Sage when, during a civil matter, he was found in contempt of court. What unfolded next, he will share in this inspirational episode. You’ll learn the techniques and insights on how to face any problem in your life from a place of power, not force. Listen now!


Brief bio:

Peter Sage is an extraordinaire speaker. Having made his first milestone as a bestselling author with over 100,000 book sales, Peter has only rocketed into the stratosphere of success.

He’s a Renaissance man in the truest sense of the word: Bestselling Author, Award-winning Athlete and Speaker whose deep reservoir of knowledge and experience makes him a much sought after speaker and presenter.

Having personally started over twenty companies across a wide variety of fields, his experience level rivals that of many well-known business moguls.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

– The most important lesson you need to learn in life [7:20]

– What “graduation events” in life are and why they’re important [8:00]

– How Peter unexpectedly went to prison for 6 months [8:35]

– What the “pedestal trap” is and how you’re falling for it right now [11:00]

– Why many self-help ‘gurus’ don’t walk their talk [14:30]

– How to stop being a victim and choose your identity intentionally [16:00]

– Why you’re always starring in the movie called “My Life” [20:30]

– Why our lives always have drama, intrigue, challenges, and more (and why that’s a good thing) [21:20]

– How to find the opportunity in every adversity [25:00]

– This one character trait is the key to dealing with tough situations [27:50]

– How to bridge the gap between the hell you’re in now and the heaven that you want to experience [39:00]

– How Peter lost his business and life by going to prison (and how he got it back) [42:50]

– The best piece of advice you’ll ever hear if you’re at rock-bottom [46:15]

– Why you only have two choices with how you approach life [58:35]

– Why the nature of life is NOT to make you happy [1:00:00]



Peter’s Book Inside Track

Peter’s Website


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