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May 3, 2019
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May 20, 2019
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352: How To Uncover And Remove The Hidden Blocks To Success with Erin Pheil


What if you could discover the hidden patterns that are holding you back?

Using a revolutionary mental optimization program our guest Erin Pheil helps high performers achieve success faster and effortlessly.

In today’s episode, she will explain why we all have blocks to success and how to uncover and remove these hidden blocks so we can finally live the life we are meant to live. Listen now!


Brief Bio:

Erin Pheil is a highly successful entrepreneur, consultant, and speaker who has discovered the secret to achieving exponential results in life and business for her clients without requiring endless, ongoing coaching. Her revolutionary mental optimization program for high achievers has an unheard of success rate exceeding 95%. Erin is the founder of The MindFix Group, a collaboration between a small number of highly-trained, deeply knowledgeable, passionate mind-experts with a simple purpose: Deliver revolutionary programs that alleviate the self-sabotage our own minds create that hold us all back, and help high performers achieve even more—rapidly and with minimal effort.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Who is Erin Pheil and how she helps entrepreneurs and high performers [05:33-07:16]
  • 2 Signs that you really need a life coach [07:50-12:31]
  • How to shift your mindset and embrace change [15:25-20:21]
  • The psychology of fear [20:33-25:07]
  • Do you sabotage your own success? [25:39-33:36]
  • The psychology of high and low performers [35:11-38:14]
  • What do low achievers need to succeed [39:53-43:40]


Resources Mentioned:

Organifi Promo Code For Legendary Life Listeners: TED20


Connect with Erin:


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Facebook comments:


  1. Eric says:

    I can’t tell which podcast I’m commenting on. It’s supposed to the Erin Pheil one.

    Sadly I didn’t learn anything from this one. And I listened to her “webinar” which was just a YouTube video played at random times. The secret to her process is a seemingly simple 3 step process, but it’s one of those “too abstract to self-evidently translate into action, either mental or physical” catches. The key 1st step is secret sauce that she only explains if you spend $$$ on her course. Sorry Ted, but this has all the indicators of an internet scam. If it’s too good to be true…

  2. Erin Pheil says:

    @Eric….. You must not have looked at our mile-long real Results page… Watched our countless video testimonials…. Seen our quarterly-calculated success rate exceeding 95%…. Looked at any of our case studies… Or seen our money-back guarantee.

    The meta-point of all this is that if you *believe* it’s to good to be true, no amount of evidence will convince you otherwise, and that shuts down possibilities for you. That’s the main point of all this….your beliefs determine how you filter what you see….

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