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352: How To Uncover And Remove The Hidden Blocks To Success with Erin Pheil

What if you could discover the hidden patterns that are holding you back?Using a revolutionary mental optimization program our guest Erin Pheil helps high performers achieve success faster and effortlessly.In today's episode, she will explain why we all have blocks to success and how to uncover and remove these hidden blocks so we can finally live the life we are meant to live. Listen now!

4: Steven Kotler: Part 2: How to be Superman in your own life

In this episode, you will learn: • What exactly is flow? • Why most people only spend 5% of their life in “flow”How flow changes our perception of time. • What’s the “flow cycle” is and why it’s important • How flow saved a base jumper from falling to his death. • How you can “trigger” flow right now in your life • Why taking risks is key to performing your bestHow you can “hack your flow” and become the best man you can be. • The dark side of the “flow” state • The Rise of Superman • The Flow Genome Project
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