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392: Coronavirus: How To Be Your Best While The World Is At Its Worst with Ted Ryce – (Part 1)

Ted Talk 26: Stop Waiting For The Perfect Moment And Start Now
March 13, 2020
393: Coronavirus: How To Be Your Best While The World Is At Its Worst with Ted Ryce – (Part 2)
March 20, 2020
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392: Coronavirus: How To Be Your Best While The World Is At Its Worst with Ted Ryce – (Part 1)

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How do we find our emotional center during times of chaos? How can we lead right now, and how can we stay positive and productive during a global pandemic? How do we handle the stress, assess opportunities, and plan for later in the year? Listen to the first part of this episode series to find out.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The facts about Corona Virus from CDC & WHO [07:57-26:53]
  • What is SARS COV-2 and COVID-19 [09:17-09:48]
  • What does the virus look like under the microscope [09:49-10:24]
  • What are the symptoms of Coronaviruses [10:26-10:49]
  •  How SARS COV 2 attacks our body [10:51-11:06]
  • How to avoid and destroy the virus [11:11-13:15]
  • The right types of masks to use [13:16-16:14]
  •  COVID-19 declared as Pandemic – what does it mean [16:17-17:36]
  •  The term used when an animal virus shifts to human [17:37-17:45]
  •  How to avoid false information [17:47-18:38]
  • The origin of COVID-19 [18:38-19:25]
  • What are the symptoms of COVID-19 [21:49-23:17]
  • Incubation period [22:04-22:43]
  • Who are at risks & what are the age bracket [23:18-26:53]
  • Why COVID-19 is an opportunity for yourself [26:54-31:49]
  • How to step up & control your emotional state [31:49-36:03]
  •  And much more…


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Need Help?

My team and I decided to do something to help in my own way. I created a Coronavirus Survival Guide with everything you should be focusing on in the next few weeks.

Let’s get started!




As the stoic philosopher Epictetus once said, “the more we value things outside of our control, the less control we have”.

That’s why it critical to focus on the things in our life that we can control.

So, this guide covers the best ways to take care of yourself and your family during this pandemic, and much more.




Fitness Guidelines

One challenge of staying in shape while staying inside comes down to movement, and actually STICKING with a routine.

If you don’t have a home gym, how are you supposed to workout when confined to your house?

This is especially challenging if you’re a gym rat and used to a very specific gym routine!

So what’s a rational, level headed person to do in this situation?

Don’t use the excuse that your gym is closed that’s why you can’t exercise.

Perform bodyweight workouts at home at least 3 times per week.





Nutrition Guidelines

So you’re stuck inside eh? Here’s the best advice I can give you: treat this as your new normal, and recognize the fact that nutrition is KING!


That means the most important thing you can do to stay in shape during the coronavirus crisis:

Focus on your nutrition!

So, start by planning your meals for the next 7 days. I highly suggest that you plan your meals and also track your food intake every day using a food journal.

You might be stuck eating less than optimal meals for a few weeks or longer, which means controlling your calorie intake is the best step you can take to keep your weight in order
If you want to boost your immune system, you can add more fruits and vegetables in your diet.
And in case you’re too busy to do it or it’s hard to go to the supermarket for that, I recommend supplement your nutrition with superfoods.
I’m taking Organifi Green Juice to supplement my nutrition with superfoods. And I just ordered the Red Juice.

Note: Use code Ted20 to save 20%.




Stress Management Guidelines

Start your meditation practice or deepen your practice.
I recommend Headspace if you’re new to meditation.
Sign up for their FREE 10-day meditation challenge:
If you’re an experienced meditator, then check out The Practice of Pure Awareness audiobook with guided meditations. This is a course I went through and it’s super powerful but a bit harder to get into so not for beginners:
Avoid constantly watching the news and checking social media. Stay informed then TAKE ACTION. Taking action will relieve anxiety and make you feel like you’re doing something.

It’s not enough to be positive. You MUST take action. Either DO something or watch something empowering.




Personal Growth Guidelines

While exercising, you should listen to something empowering:
Suggestion #1: Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win:
Suggestion #2: Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts:
Suggestion #3: Smile at Fear: A Retreat with Pema Chödrön on Discovering Your Radiant Self-Confidence:

If watching Netflix, check out:

Suggestion #1: Brené Brown: The Call to Courage:
Suggestion #2: Jiro Dreams of Sushi:

That’s all for now.

I just wanted to do my part and something proactive right away. I wanted to respond and try to lead with faith, confidence, and value. I hope you’ll do that for your communities as well.
I love you all.
Please stay safe and be a role model.
Be well and stay strong out there.





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Ted Ryce is a high-performance coach, celebrity trainer, and a longevity evangelist. A leading fitness professional for over 24 years in the Miami Beach area, who has worked with celebrities like Sir Richard Branson, Rick Martin, Robert Downey, Jr., and hundreads of CEOs of multimillion-dollar companies. In addition to his fitness career, Ryce is the host of the top-rated podcast called Legendary Life, which helps men and women reclaim their health, and create the body and life they deserve.

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