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305: How To Build A Sexy Female Body (Even If You Tried And Failed Before) With Sumi Singh

305: How To Build A Sexy Female Body (Even If You Tried And Failed Before) With Sumi Singh

There’s a lot of pressure on women to get “back” into shape after having a baby or even when they’re single. In this episode, I interview fitness expert Sumi Singh, and she reveals her top secrets for women to build a lean, toned body without crazy diets or workout fads. Listen to this episode to discover how you can get into the best shape of your life—even if you’re super busy.


Brief Bio:

Sumi is a fitness expert, world-record holding powerlifter, fitness model, author and all around amazing person.  She officially became hooked on fitness the moment she first laid hands on a set of her dad’s dumbbells when she was 12. She’s also the author of “Stay At Home Strong” a book to help women get back in shape after having a baby. Her passion is helping people build strength and confidence so that they can realize their full potential.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

– Why achieving your fitness goals will take twice as long as you think (6:35)

– Why Sumi got into the health & fitness industry (7:46)

– Why there’s societal pressure for women to get right back in shape after having a baby (10:50)

– Why you should expect dramatic changes in your body in a short period of time (13:12)

– How our female ancestors were stronger and in better shape than modern women (14:25)

– How women get the wrong message about what type of exercises they should do (15:20)

– Why everyone needs a coach (17:18)

– The truth about how long it takes to change your body (20:35)

– Common myths that women believe about weight loss (24:20)

– Are paleo diets, ketogenic diets, and intermittent fasting really necessary? (26:52)

– Why the scale lies to you about your progress (29:20)

– How Sumi broke the world record for powerlifting at her age and weight (34:05)

– What you need to know about Instagram models (36:59)

– If social media makes you feel bad about your body or life, please listen this (38:07)

– Do genetics play a part in your ability to change your physique? (40:37)

– Sumi’s #1 piece of advice for women looking to get in shape (43:39)


Connect with Sumi:


Sumi’s Book


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