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249: The High Cost of Procrastination on Health, Happiness and Success


Finally, the first quarter of the year has ended and I was eager to know how all of you are doing with your New Year resolutions and goals? What about your health, body and nutritional habits? Or have you fallen off the wagon, and found yourself procrastinating?



Well, guess what? I, too, have been a victim of procrastination. I had such a hard time committing myself to taking my business to the next level. Although I loved learning about health and fitness at that time, it was the business aspects like pricing and marketing that I hated the most! However, I knew that I needed to get a hang of those aspects, if I didn’t want to end up in a worse situation than my late 20’s —driving from client to client, feeling unfulfilled and hating on life.

I stumbled upon a book by Steven Pressfield, called the “War of Art”, and I repeatedly played that audiobook in my car. Soon, I was determined to break this cycle of procrastination, when it came to doing the things that would take my business to the next level. Most of all, I wanted to be able to help more people like me, whilst improving the quality of my life, as well as theirs.


I started by implementing small changes that gradually turned into big changes…


I haven’t reached my destination as yet, however, I love the direction I’m going, enjoying every moment therein. You have no idea how fulfilling it is to perform these episodes, write articles and meet new people in the industry, and I want you to experience it, too.

Believe me when I say, procrastinating not only stops us from achieving our goals, but also feeling good about ourselves. In order to stop procrastinating now, consider the following procrastination tips:


The pause button mentality

“Yeah, I will get back to eating healthy after my vacations.”

“Oh, I’ll get back to shape once the baby is born.”

“Starting from January, I’m going to start living my life the way I have always wanted to.” …Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Yes, these are all part of the lame excuses we all tend to make, some way or the other.

Although the reasons for the pause button mentality may seem practical — it is, in fact, ruining the results you could have achieved in the long run.

The REAL question here is; are your goals pushing you to become a procrastinator, instead of becoming a better person? In our Legendary Coaching Program, you won’t find a pause button. If somebody has injured their lower body, they work their upper body and vice versa, but nobody stops! —Why? Because life cannot be constant and there will never be a perfect time to start something. We have to learn and believe that we can overcome those obstacles and still attain our goals.

Now tell me, are you really pushing the pause button right now? If so, I want to propose an idea to you that completely changed my life!


The Speed of Implementation

Over ten years ago, Eben Pagan introduced me to this brilliant idea. Now tell me; whenever you hear of something new, how long does it take you to take that information and put it into play? Information that you know is beneficial for your life and your goals?  For me, it used to take a long time. I would hear something and say, “Yeah, that’s great”, and then I would just forget about it. Are you, too, guilty of doing the same thing? Today I shall challenge you to start taking action as fast as you can, when you hear something that is right for you. The faster that you implement the good things in your life, the more successful you’re going to be in all the aspects of your life.


If not now, when?

Start implementing the idea into your life —when you hear something that you know would be beneficial for you; I want you to put it into action right away. Try doing more of that, and you’re going to be amazed at how fast you are able to change.

The only way you can learn something, is by actually doing it… How did you learn to ride a bike? You read books, took courses and listened to Podcasts about riding a bike? —No! You got on the bike and fell off a couple times. That’s how you learn and it becomes second your nature. Don’t expect everything to be perfect in the very first attempt! The least you can do is try to experience it, because that’s the only way you can truly learn.

First ask yourself, where in life are you procrastinating? Be honest with yourself! And then, I want you to take up the challenge: “Speed of Implementation’. If you want to take yourself to the next level, you need to start implementing now!

If you want to achieve your goals, you need to stop procrastinating instantly and take action! And remember, I’m always here to help you out. Checkout our simple and effective workouts now: workouts



The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles  by Steven Pressfield 

The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success by Jeff Olson


Thanks for Listening!

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Until next time!



Ted Ryce is a high-performance coach, celebrity trainer, and a longevity evangelist. A leading fitness professional for over 24 years in the Miami Beach area, who has worked with celebrities like Sir Richard Branson, Rick Martin, Robert Downey, Jr., and hundreads of CEOs of multimillion-dollar companies. In addition to his fitness career, Ryce is the host of the top-rated podcast called Legendary Life, which helps men and women reclaim their health, and create the body and life they deserve.

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