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June 26, 2017
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258: The Price Of Getting Lean


“I want to be a millionaire.”

“I want to have six-pack abs.”

“I want to be healthy and have a lean, muscular body.”

We all have things that we want. Having wants is easy. It’s basically you imagining how cool it would be to achieve something without actually doing the work. However, just wanting never leads to actually getting what you want.

Today, I want to introduce you to the real secret of success.

Stop asking yourself what you want. And start asking yourself: “What am I willing to suffer for?”

You see, everything you want in life, every goal you want to achieve and every dream you want to manifest all comes with a price you have to pay. There simply isn’t any other way.

You may know my story and how I’ve been a health & fitness professional for over 18 years in Miami Beach working with celebrities and the wealthy. A lot of people may think that the “elite” have it much easier when it comes to getting what they want. That may be in many cases but not when it comes to their body and health.

A lot of people may think that the “elite” have it much easier when it comes to getting what they want. That may be in many cases but not when it comes to their body and health.

I can’t tell you how many times a wealthy client has told me, “I wish I could pay you to work out for me.” So they wouldn’t have to do the work and would just benefit from the awesome looking body and superior health without actually working for it.

I’ve even had a client that told me that he’d pay me a million dollars if I could help him get abs like mine. I was down but he simply wasn’t willing to do the work.

I’m telling you these stories to illustrate the fact that we’re all human and no matter how broke or rich we are, we all suffer the same wants and lack of motivation.

My rich clients were willing to suffer to become financially successful but many weren’t willing to suffer through the workouts and changing their eating habits to achieve what they wanted for their health.

We all have to decide what we’re willing to suffer for. There is no other way. You also must live with the consequences of your choices. While not being rich isn’t that terrible of a consequence, having poor health can destroy your life.

I often talk about the client I trained who died from cancer. We didn’t work together for very long—maybe a few months. He would show up late and he’d get very frustrated during the sessions and always leave early.

“I have to get to work. I have so much work to do,” was his excuse.

After his package of sessions ran out, we ended the relationship. I’m guessing that it probably stressed him out to be paying for my help as well.

A few months later, I found out that he had died. I was a bit shocked. When I asked how it happened, I learned that he had stage IV esophageal cancer. A stage IV esophageal cancer tumor has grown beyond the esophagus.

In this stage of esophageal cancer, the disease may have spread to lymph nodes or to other distant organs. For him, it was a death sentence.

Although he wasn’t willing to suffer through workouts and improving his nutrition, he still suffered through cancer treatments and the anguish his wife and kids felt watching their father die from a disease that could very well have been prevented if he took the necessary steps to improve his health.

Even though he was financially successful, he failed in taking care of his health during his journey to make more money. He paid the ultimate price as a result.

This is just one example of the suffering cost of failure. If you lack financial discipline you will suffer the consequences of debt, harassing bill collector and sleepless nights.

If you do not manage your diet and exercise you will suffer the cost of being overweight or obese along with the heart disease, cancer or diabetes that it brings. By not keeping your promises or honoring commitments you will suffer the loss of reputation and respect.

Just so you know, I paid the price for making the wrong choice many times. I suffer through the injuries I received from training too hard in Brazilian jiu-jitsu when I could’ve taken a break and done some physical therapy. Maybe I’d have my black belt and would still be training if I had chosen differently. I’ve also suffered the consequences of choosing to study more nutrition and exercise science instead of learning how to run a successful business.

Maybe I’d have my black belt and would still be training if I had chosen differently. I’ve also suffered the consequences of choosing to study more nutrition and exercise science instead of learning how to run a successful business.

I went through a lot of heartache and suffering from that choice. I almost left the fitness completely until I finally made the choice to suffer through learning how to run a profitable business.

Sooner or later each of us must choose to pay the price of success or pay the cost of failure. Either way, life will make you suffer. Sooner or later you will come to the understanding that you must choose your suffering.

What’s interesting is that the price of success is many times more than what we’re willing to pay but it’s not more than we’re capable of paying. That subtle difference is key.

Here are just a few examples of suffering the cost of success.

If you suffer the cost of daily movement, weekly workouts and good nutrition you then get to enjoy a lean, healthy physique and an exceptional quality of life.

If you suffer the cost disciplined spending and investing habits you get to enjoy peace of mind and an early retirement.

If you suffer the cost of learning how to grow a successful business, then you will get to experience more financial freedom and avoid the stress of living paycheck to paycheck.

If you suffer the cost of inconvenience and going the extra mile for your clients, you will be rewarded with loyal customers and more opportunities as they refer their friends and family to you.

That’s’ why we’re straightforward about our program not being for everyone. It’s for those people who are willing to suffer through changing their nutrition habits to achieve astounding results in 90 days.

By suffering the cost of joining our group and by actively participating in Legendary Lean Program you will learn the real price of success.

You will be challenged to pay that price and you’ll understand that the price of success is temporary discomfort while the price of failure must be paid forever.

The absolute best part about choosing your suffering and paying the price of success is that you will change your health, your body, and your life forever.

So, do you choose the price of success or failure?


It’s time to shine a flashlight to your soul, acknowledge that your current strategies are NOT working, and wake up to the fact that if you continue along this line of behaviour, that your future is in serious jeopardy.

Your year-to-date results speak for themselves.

We are already halfway through 2017. If you’ve had a full 6 months of taking control of your health, losing weight, building muscle and waking up feeling great every day, then, you can stop to listen to this episode right now.

But, if that’s not your case, I have a question for you.


If you’ve gotten this far and can acknowledge that your results are not worth bragging about and that you are capable of being, doing and having so much more, then…

What are you going to do differently to ensure bigger, better results in the 3rd QUARTER of the year?

You cannot possibly believe that if you keep on taking the same approach (that hasn’t been working) that your results will somehow turn around and improve if you keep doing. I can assure you they won’t.

That’s why year after year you keep promising yourself that this year will be the year that everything changes.

That this will be the year that you finally change your body. That this will be the year that you take control of your health and create a healthy lifestyle

But, here’s the truth…..

There’s ZERO chance of that happening.

Remember…it’s all about your results. And if your methods aren’t working then you have the wrong approach.

That’s why you want to stop what you’re doing and sign up for the Legendary Lean right now.

The Legendary Lean program is a 90-day breakthrough program that will help you to lose weight and finally create that lean body you’ve always wanted. And the best part, you’ll learn how to keep it for the rest of your life.

Like any world-class program…it contains the elements necessary for transforming your body: customized diet, fat loss workouts, 90-day fat loss blueprint, and accountability through a support group and live coaching calls.

Sign up now! (We just have 5 spots left.)

Take the first step toward your new body. Legendary Lean starts Monday 24th.


P.S. You’ve read this entire message, and you are about to make one of the following decisions…

You will choose to discount this message and continue to do the same old things, habits, and behaviors

which will result in the same sub par performance.


You will decide to participate in the Legendary Lean Program and learn how to drive more results in the next 90 days, than most people do over the course of five years.

I hope you choose the second option.


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Ted Ryce is a high-performance coach, celebrity trainer, and a longevity evangelist. A leading fitness professional for over 24 years in the Miami Beach area, who has worked with celebrities like Sir Richard Branson, Rick Martin, Robert Downey, Jr., and hundreads of CEOs of multimillion-dollar companies. In addition to his fitness career, Ryce is the host of the top-rated podcast called Legendary Life, which helps men and women reclaim their health, and create the body and life they deserve.

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