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259: Facts and Myths You Should Know About Hormones, Fat Loss and Your Health with Dr. Karl Nadolsky

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July 12, 2017
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July 24, 2017
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259: Facts and Myths You Should Know About Hormones, Fat Loss and Your Health with Dr. Karl Nadolsky


In today’s episode, Ted interviews Dr. Karl Nadolksy, a medical doctor who specializes in hormones, and specifically with helping people who are overweight or obese, or have diabetes. He was also on the show in episode 38 where he talked about what you need to know about nutrition, hormones and supplements.

If you haven’t heard that episode, you can go and check that out here:

Episode 38 – What you need to know about nutrition, hormones, and supplements 

Today, Dr. Karl is here to talk about the dangers of dieting and how hormones play into fat loss.  A board certified endocrinologist, Karl not only studies hormones and how they interplay with obesity and fat loss, he is also a doctor who lifts. He actually started off in wrestling, before going to medical school. He has done some physique competitions with his wife in the past, but these days likes to keep up his dietary quality and high level of exercise not just for the physique, but for his health.

Many fitness gurus talk about how hormones are the key to fat loss and also that calories don’t matter. In this episode, we have endocrinologist and obesity doctor Dr. Karl Nadolsky, talking about all the weight loss and hormone myths and misconceptions that are holding you back.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What is metabolism, and how does it relate to obesity and hormones (8.29)
  • The need for individualized approaches with diet, and the dangers that can occur with aggressive calorie restricting (12.08)
  • What we know about fat loss, metabolism and obesity thanks to the biggest loser (16.00)
  • Why some diets need to be medically supervised and why most people need a more moderate approach to calorie deficits (18.32)
  • Karl’s approach to his own diet and why he doesn’t count calories (23.57)
  • The calorie range to focus on for healthy people in order to lose fat but also maintain muscle (26.03)
  • How genetics factors into metabolism and fat loss ability (30.08)
  • Why blood work isn’t everything and you need to take it in context (34.51)
  • The impact of age on hormones and hormones on metabolism (38.12)
  • Cortisol, fat storage and fat loss (42.08)
  • The importance of focusing on having a good lifestyle overall instead of medication/specific hormones (47.19)
  • What the science says about intermittent fasting (50.39)
  • The impact of testosterone and estrogen in fat loss (53.52)
  • Why you should get the full blood panels, and the symptoms to look out for that indicate you need to get tested (57.03)
  • Estrogen impacts in men and women (59.25)
  • What really screws up your hormones (1.03.40)
  • Why you should focus on your lifestyle therapies and only seek medical attention if you have symptoms that seem out of the norm (1.07.41)


Ted’s Takeaway

  1. Gaining fat is what messes up your hormones not the other way around. So if you want to optimize your hormones, the best thing you can do is lose body fat. And if you want Ted’s help with that, go to


Connect with Dr. Karl:






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