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300: Little-Known Nutrition Hacks To Cook Your Food For The Biggest Health Benefits With Alex Leaf

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300: Little-Known Nutrition Hacks To Cook Your Food For The Biggest Health Benefits With Alex Leaf

Choosing the right foods is one part of eating healthy—but how you prepare them also plays a role. Did you know that higher cooking temperatures can create chemical reactions among amino acids, creatines, and sugars — reactions that may produce dangerous compounds that can damage our DNA. Sounds confusing? We invited nutrition expert Alex Leaf to explain how cooking oils, cooking methods, and household chemicals can affect your health based on the latest research. Plus, he will share his nutrition hacks to help you cook for the biggest health benefits. Listen Now!


Brief Bio:

Alex is a researcher for, an online encyclopedia on supplementation and nutrition. He is also part of the teaching staff for the Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine program at the University of Western States.

Alex’s primary focus is on blending science with common sense to help himself and others better understand nutritional research and ways to optimize health through nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

– How Alex became a nutrition researcher (7:10)

– Discover this supplement biohack that helps you find out how much active ingredients do you have on your supplement (10:45)

– Top 3 Nutrition and weight loss myths busted (12:00)

– How to determine your ideal body fat percentage (14:38)

– How to protect your health with the right dietary fats 16:12- How diabetes, fatty liver, and heart disease emerge from too much body fat (17:00)

– What are health and unhealthy body fat percentages (19:07)

– A simple test to tell whether you need to lose body fat or not (22:16)

– How your food choices and cooking methods affect your health (23:05)

– All about cooking and carcinogens  (24:03)

-How to cook your food for the biggest health benefits (30:44)

-Everything you need to know about cooking oils  (34:44)

– Why butter, lard, and other animal oils are not good for cooking (37:18)

– How oxidized cholesterol leads to heart disease (37:52)

– The healthiest cooking and salad oils (39:53)

– The best cooking methods for improved health (40:21)

– Is organic food better for you? (45:14)

– The health difference between organic vs non-organic food (46:40)

– 3 Biggest misconceptions about organic food (48:29)

-Endocrine disruptors: Should we be afraid? (49:34)

– How to reduce endocrine disrupting chemicals in your home (53:24)

– Why buying organic toiletries may be more important than buying organic food to reduce toxin exposure (54:41)

– Why there’s no such thing as alternative medicine (58:09)


Connect with Alex:


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