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589: Breaking Fitness and Nutrition Myths: The Key Secrets to Muscle Growth and Optimal Nutrition with Borge Fagerli

In today's episode, Ted interviews Borge Fagerli, a renowned expert on nutrition and exercise in Norway. They discuss fitness and nutrition myths and the importance of challenging beliefs and embracing a holistic approach. They also delve into Borge’s Myo-Reps method and its recent updates and more. Listen now!

588: Nutrition Facts: Protein Intake Tips for Muscle Building and Longevity with Jorn Trommelen

In this episode, Ted interviews Jorn Trommelen, an expert in protein metabolism. They will discuss the misconceptions and myths surrounding protein intake, will provide practical tips on how to optimize your protein intake for muscle building and longevity, and more. Listen now!

Ted Talk 219: Why “Eating Clean” Is Not Working for You (And What To do Instead)

If you’re following the perfect clean eating diet, working out several times per week, but the stubborn pounds just won’t come off. Then know that you’re not alone! In this episode Ted will share his personal struggle with clean eating. Also, he will reveal the most common reasons why you’re not losing weight. Plus, actionable tips on how to break through the plateau and get things moving again. Listen Now!

564: Simplifying Food Tracking: How To Count Calories Without Getting Obsessed with Ted Ryce (Part 2)

In the first part of this series, we discussed food tracking, and Ted explained why it is the key to successful weight loss. In this second part, Ted reveals his five-step system to simplify food tracking, even if you're super busy. Tune in to take control of your nutrition and benefit from this weight loss secret weapon.
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