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487: Nutrition Myths Debunked And Effective Strategies To Get In Your Greatest Shape with Oliver Anwar

As a busy professional you may feel that losing weight and staying in a good shape can be very challenging. You may feel that there is never enough time for exercise and dieting is so difficult when you have to eat out or travel frequently. And on top of that, they are confused by all the conflicting information on the Internet. In this new Legendary Life episode, Ted Ryce sits down with Oliver Anwar to discuss these problems and share the solutions they apply with their clients. Listen now!

481: Why The Scale Sucks (And What To Do Instead) with Ted Ryce

Our culture is obsessed with weight. And many people let their morning weigh-in determine how they’ll feel for the whole day. But the truth is that our weight doesn’t tell the story of how healthy we are–it’s just one of many measurements and not even the best. In this episode, you’ll learn the best ways to tell if your workout and nutrition plan is working and why the number on the scale does not define you or your worth. Listen Now!

479: 5 Smart Ways To Survive The Holidays Without Gaining Weight

It’s the season for revelry and cheer! But with beckoning desserts and snacks around every corner, it’s easy for healthy eating habits to get lost in the shuffle. However, it's possible to survive the holidays without weight gain. Read on to learn 5 strategies to enjoy the holidays without getting a santa-sized belly.

478: Food Tracking Made Easy: How to Track Your Food Without Becoming Totally Obsessive with Ted Ryce (Part 2)

In the first part of this series, we discussed food tracking, and Ted explained why it is the key to successful weight loss. In this second part, Ted reveals his five-step system to simplify food tracking, even if you're super busy. Tune in to take control of your nutrition and benefit from this weight loss secret weapon.
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