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302: 7 Life Hacks For Greater Success In Business & Life With David Tien Phd

How awesome would it be to live a more exciting and refreshing life every day? The truth is that you can be more successful by adopting some very simple, but powerful life hacks in your life. In this interview, Phd David Tien will reveal the 7 life hacks that can lead to greater success at work and in life. Listen Now!


Brief Bio:

 David Tien, Ph.D., is an entrepreneur, business owner, academic researcher, and coach. He has his doctorate from the University of Michigan, has multiple graduate degrees from Michigan and the University of Toronto, and has held fellowships from Harvard, Princeton, U-Michigan, U-Toronto, Peking University, Massey College, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, among others, and has received numerous academic awards, including the Simeon H. Janes Medal from the University of Toronto. Through his understanding of philosophy, psychology, behavioral science, and social intelligence, David Tien has succeeded in improving the social lives, love lives, and overall lifestyles of tens of thousands of people around the world and hopes to impact even more in the coming years.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

– How David created his luxury lifestyle from humble beginnings (5:15)

– Why David lives in hotel rooms and isn’t a tax-paying citizen of any country (6:28)

– Why we are living in a time of incredible opportunity but most people don’t take advantage of it (8:20)

– How taking smart risks can lead to life-changing success (11:20)

– 3 Reasons why you’re not reaching your full potential (12:47)

– How to stop negative thoughts or limiting belief patterns (19:15)

– Can we control our thoughts? (22:00)

– The most important principle of success you’ll ever learn (23:38)

– 5 Productive things do instead of watching the news or spending time on Facebook (24:31)

– Whether you should eliminate negative people (especially family members and friends) from your life completely (27:57)

– How traveling can help you discover yourself (30:39)

– 3 Hacks to help you get out of your comfort zone (35:40)

– Why you should consider living in a different country (41:00)

– The connection between health & fitness and success (43:50)

– The truth about how much it costs to live abroad (45:14)

– Why excessive drug and alcohol use may be from a lack of challenge in your life (54:03)


Connect with David:


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