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February 11, 2019
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341: Healthy Gut, Healthy You with Dr. Michael Ruscio


Are you experiencing depression, fatigue, thyroid imbalances, joint pain, insomnia, brain fog, inflammation or autoimmunity? Did you know your symptoms could be caused by a problem in your gut? In this episode, clinician and researcher Dr. Michael Ruscio explains how modern lifestyle changes have made our guts more vulnerable than ever before. Plus, how to fix your gut to improve your overall health and performance of your whole body. Listen now!


Brief Bio:

Michael Ruscio, DC is a doctor, clinical researcher and best-selling author whose practical ideas on healing chronic illness have made him an influential voice in functional and alternative medicine. Dr. Ruscio has a diverse training background. His undergraduate studies were in exercise science and pre-med. Dr. Ruscio later decided to depart from his plans of conventional medicine after he was unable to find relief in this system. He decided to pursue alternative medicine because of his positive personal experience with it. Dr. Ruscio now works to provide what he feels to be an optimal balance of progressive, natural-medicine-focused solutions, applied within a conservative, practical and evidence-based model.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

-The common myth about gut microbiome (4:40)

-The gut health myth debunked (10:20)

-How your gut health can influence your weight (16:00)

-Prebiotics vs Probiotics: What’s the difference? (21:27)

-The functional medicine approach to digestive issues (24:40)

-The results attribute to body mechanism (26:00)

-The first step to improve your health today (29:20)

-How your lifestyle affects your gut health (34:10)

-Healthy Gut, Healthy You by Dr. Michael Ruscio available on Amazon (40:04)


Connect with Dr. Ruscio:


Healthy Gut, Healthy You


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