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579: VO2 Max Explained: The Key to Longevity and a Healthier Life (And How To Improve It)

In today’s episode Ted reveals a crucial predictor for aging, disease resilience, and the secret to longevity. He discusses the importance of the VO2 max metric, the type of exercise you need for boosting it and some other effective strategies for enhancing longevity, preventing diseases, and optimizing your health. Listen now!

576: The Busy Executive’s Guide to Longevity: Making Time for Health in a Hectic Schedule with John Berardi, PhD

In today’s episode Ted interviews Dr. John Berardi, co-founder of Precision Nutrition and founder of Change Maker Academy. They delve into his Net Health project, integrating AI for personalized health insights. John emphasizes understanding motivations in health journeys, incorporating longevity practices, and gaining free mentorship across fields for personal and professional evolution. Listen now!

Ted Talk 203: What Are The Top 3 Science-Backed Strategies To Reverse The Aging Process? – Ask Ted

In today’s Ask Ted episode, Ted is going to answer the question: "What are the top 3 science-backed strategies to reverse the aging process?" He will dive into the science behind aging and share insights about the nine identified hallmarks of aging, will provide practical advice on three science-backed strategies to improve your health and longevity. Listen now!

559: The Power of Isometric Training: Your Secret Weapon For A Pain-Free, Long And Healthy Life with Brad Thorpe

Are you ready to supercharge your journey towards a longer, healthier life? Join Ted as he talks to isometrics expert, Brad Thorpe, who shares groundbreaking research that highlights isometric exercises as the best choice for lowering blood pressure and more. Explore isometrics, their history, benefits for weight loss and mental well-being, and how this safe and effective method can transform your fitness and health. Listen now!
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