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Ted Talk 217: How Stress & Sleep Deprivation Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts (And What To Do About It)

If you have been consistent with your workout routine and nutrition choices but still can't lose those extra pounds or perform better at work, it's time to check your stress levels and sleep quality. In this episode, Ted reveals how stress and sleep deprivation can get in the way and sabotage your success. Plus, powerful tips on handling stress and improving your sleep that you can apply today. Listen Now!

575: How Your Stress Is Sabotaging Muscle Building And Your Weight Loss Goals (And What To Do About It)

Are you putting in maximum effort at the gym but feeling like you're hitting a wall with your results? In this episode Ted is going to explain a scientific study that sheds light on why this might happen to you. For high-achievers and professionals, this could be the key to unlocking their full potential. Listen now!

571: How to Become Unstoppable In 2024 Series: Part 4: Mastering Your Sleep, Stress & Recovery: The Recovery Blueprint For Optimal Productivity & Performance

In part 4 of the "How To Become Unstoppable In 2024 Series" Ted discusses the critical role of sleep, demonstrating how it influences appetite, hormonal balance, and even the risk of injury. He reveals how to improve your sleep quality with simple steps and the best active recovery methods for high achievers (backed by science), so you can decrease your stress levels and increase your energy and performance at work. Listen now!

Ted Talk 202: Why You Stress Eat and How To Stop

We must eat to survive. But most people, when they’re under a lot of stress, eat to ease emotions. In this Ted Talk episode, Ted explains how to break out of the stress-eating cycle. Plus, practical strategies help you lower your stress levels to finally stop reaching for the cookie jar whenever you feel stressed.
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