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317: Facts & Myths About Protein For Health And Longevity with Dr. Stuart Phillips

317: Facts & Myths About Protein For Health And Longevity with Dr. Stuart Phillips

There are a lot of claims about protein in the media and from internet “gurus”. Are you confused about whether protein will help you build muscle and lose fat? Or will it weaken your bones, damage your kidneys, and cause cancer? Those are the questions that my special guest Dr. Stuart Phillips will answer in this new episode. Listen now to understand how protein can be the KEY to living longer.

Brief Bio:

Dr. Stuart Phillps, in addition to being a full Professor in Kinesiology, is also an Adjunct Professor in the School of Medicine at McMaster University. He is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American College of Nutrition (ACN). His research is focused on the impact of nutrition and exercise on human skeletal muscle protein turnover. He is also keenly interested in diet and exercise-induced changes in body composition.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

– How a broken leg led Dr. Phillips to study protein in the lab [5:00]

– What you should do if you’re confused about mainstream nutrition advice [8:34]

– Why protein is so important to your health [10:30]

– How we lose muscle as we age and how to STOP it [13:00]

– What age your body starts losing muscle if you’re not active enough [16:35]

– Biological age VS chronological age [17:00]

– What “sarcopenic obesity” is (and how to know whether you have it) [18:48]

– Why “exercise is king and nutrition is queen” for health [22:05]

– Why something is always better than nothing when it comes to exercise [25:03]

– This is the most important type of exercise that you can do [30:06]

– Why being in great shape beyond your 40s and 50s requires a plan [32:15]

– What you should know about the connection between protein and cancer [33:00]

– What “protein fasting” is and whether you should try it [39:10]

– Does a high protein intake cause kidney damage? [39:45]

– Is a high-protein diet bad for your bones? [42:15]

– How much protein should you eat every day? [48:00]

– What time of the day is it important to eat protein? [50:15]

– What you need to know about vegan and vegetarian protein sources [55:00]


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