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June 6, 2016
173: Ted Ryce: The Ultimate Diet For Building Muscle (And Improving Your Health)
June 15, 2016
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172: Ted Ryce: The 7 Most Important Exercise Training Principles For Getting Faster Results



“Ok…now can you hit the 9 most important principles worth actually listening to …as of 2016 ?  As a person attempting to get it right it is an absolute “separate job” to filter through the enormous magazine, internet, product marketing jungle to real answers …other than the obvious step one “move your ass” and step two” more often”…jus saying” – Sunny


Here’s my answer. And to maximize your training try these top seven essential principles.

  1. Consistency
  2. Frequency
  3. Progress
  • General Adaptation Syndrome, Training/Recovery Cycle (Stimulus, recovery, adaptation)
  • Principle of Progressive Overload
  • Means you should be able to lift heavier weights, do more set or reps, go harder for longer, etc
  • Periodization
  • Deload weeks
  1. Recovery
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Stress management
  1. Mobility
  2. Smart Supplementation
  3. Create Habits and Rituals


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Facebook comments:


  1. Anju says:

    I’m a 100% rebel, when it comes to ‘do exactly this, on this exact time’, so I can’t follow any kind of set-in-stone fitness program, without rebelling against it like a 2-year-old

    • Ted Ryce says:

      We are all where we are at in our health and wellness journey. If you’re happy with your results, then there’s no need to change. But being a rebel for the sake of being a rebel is just a form of self-sabotage. Trust me, I was more of a rebel than you. I can say that confidently without even knowing you at all–even if you’ve been arrested and/or been in prison. And now I follow rules when they benefit me and I break the rules when they don’t benefit me. But not because I’m following a deeply ingrained and self-sabotaging pattern. Something to think about.

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