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361: Why The “Pause-Button Mentality” Is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts with Ted Ryce
July 29, 2019
363: Consciousness Hacking: How To Train Your Brain To Optimize Your Health And Unlock Your Full Potential with Joshua Fields
August 12, 2019
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362: How Meditation Could Be The Missing Piece Of Your Weight Loss Puzzle with Simone Tai

If you find yourself starting to gain weight you’ll probably focus on the two likely suspects, namely diet and exercise. In your rush to start munching on veggies and pump at the gym, you may be overlooking an important factor. Can mindfulness really have a significant effect on your weight? Listen to this episode with renowned meditation teacher Simone Tai and learn about the surprising connection between meditation and weight loss.


Brief Bio:

Simone was a British TV producer who was overwhelmed and having eating disorders issued. She used meditation to escape her negative thoughts BUT she hated it every second. Until she got deep into meditation trainings and found her new passion. She became a meditation teacher and started guiding Mindfulness classes at ‘The Den’ (in Studio City and La Brea) with great success She loves to incorporate Reiki healing modality into her classes. Meditation hasn’t turned her into Wonder Woman but it has certainly helped her become happier and more fulfilled. Now she can’t imagine her life without it.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How did Simone became a meditation teacher [12:06-15:03]
  • How meditation changed Ted’s life [15:04-17:02]
  • How to stay motivated to meditate daily by adding this hack to your meditation sessions [17:03-23:02]
  • How meditation helps with anxiety [23:07-25:20]
  • How to use meditation to overcome eating disorders and emotional eating [25:22-36:56]
  • Simple meditation steps for beginners [37:06-41:48]
  • Meditation explained [41:49-43:52]
  • The power of mindfulness [44:01-47:03]
  • The two biggest reasons why meditation appears so difficult  [47:05-48:35] 
  • Is meditation better for you than exercise? [48:36-53:01]


Connect with Simone:






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Resources Mentioned:

Healing Your Hungry Heart book by Joanna Poppink MFT

Buddha’s Brain book Ph.D. Rick Hanson

Search Inside Yourself book by Chade-Meng Tan



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