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January 1, 2020
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Help! I’m Trapped And Stuck In My Comfort Zone I Real Talk Friday

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Do you feel stuck? Like, you know there’s a better or more efficient or productive way to show up, but you are confused about how to do it, leaving you feeling even more stuck? Fortunately, there is a way through! In this Real Talk Friday episode, I discuss 3 fundamental, and often subconscious, reasons why people end up feeling stuck in life, how this unintentionally blocks our true potential, and what to do about it. Listen Now!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Ted’s wake up call [04:02-10:55]
  • What’s the most important thing in your life right now [10:57-12:55]
  • What does your success mean to your parents [12:56-14:08]
  • How to avoid the epidemic of loneliness especially in Western society [14:11-18:38]
  • The best way to achieve true health [17:54-18:38]
  • Is your comfort zone runining your life?[18:38-23:01]
  • Why you should hire a coach [23:02-23:41]
  • Stop playing small and start playing big [23:41-25:20]
  • Self-assessment exercise – living truth or getting stuck [25:14-26:42]
  • Common reasons why people get stuck [25:13-25:21]
  • How to get unstuck and live the life you dream about [26:01-26:42]
  • And much more…


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