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Ted Talk 216: Does a Higher VO2 Max Help with Altitude? How to Find Your Heart Rate Max? How to Train with Altitude Machines for VO2 Max? & More – Ask Ted

In this episode, Ted is diving into VO2 max and the secrets of longevity. He reveals the most important type of training for increasing VO2 max, explains how to calculate 90% of your heart rate max and discusses the potential benefits of altitude training and hypoxia machines. Listen now!

Ted Talk 215: Stop Saying “I’ll be happy when…” (And Enjoy Your Life Right Now!)

Do you often find yourself delaying your happiness for a future moment? Do you play the game of “I’ll be happy when ….(fill in the blanks)?” and forget to enjoy the present moment? In this new episode, Ted Ryce is going to share the three effective steps you should take to learn how to enjoy your life right now and much more. Listen now!

Ted Talk 214: Why Are Bad Habits So Hard to Break? (And What to do About it)

In this Ted Talk episode, Ted explains the link between stress and unhealthy habits, how habits are formed, and proven strategies to break bad habits for good. Tune in to learn how to eliminate those bad habits—whatever they may be—and interrupt the cycle. Listen now!

Ted Talk 213: The 5 Mistakes People Make with Their New Year’s Resolutions (And How to Avoid Them)

Only 9% of Americans achieve their New Year's Resolutions on health and fitness. So, if you planned massive changes for 2024 , know that, statistically, the odds are against you. In today's Ted Talk, Ted reveals the 5 reasons why most New Year's resolutions fail, how to plan for success and be part of that 9%, and how to transform unattainable aspirations into great results in record time. Listen now!
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