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Ted Talk 173: Why Are Weights Better For Fat Loss Than Cardio? – Ask Ted

Have you ever wondered why some people don't even get near the elliptical trainer, the treadmill, or the rowing machine, and still, you can't see an ounce of body fat in them? In this Ask Ted, Ted answers, "Why are weights better for fat loss than cardio?" Tune in and decide whether or not to keep focusing on your cardio to lose fat!

Ted Talk 172: Why Uncertainty Doesn’t Have To Suck: Embracing the Chaos To Crush Your Goals

You've heard the news... A few weeks ago, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) bit the dust -- making it the biggest US bank failure since the 2008 financial crisis. Obviously, this has got investors and entrepreneurs around the country in a complete panic. If you are one of them, listen to this episode to find out the 5 ways to boost your performance and become more resilient to stress so that you can embrace the chaos to crush your goals. Listen now!

Ted Talk 171: The Secret To Staying Healthy As A Busy Entrepreneur

Do you think staying healthy is more complex than growing a business? How frustrating is it to know you can run a thriving business but need help getting your weight right? In today's Ted Talk, Ted explains why high-performing professionals and accomplished business people struggle with losing weight or staying healthy. Listen Now!

Ted Talk 170: Should You Track Your Calories? – Ask Ted

What makes you gain more weight, the food's quality or the quantity you eat? Are you aware of how you spend your daily calorie budget? Does it really matter? In today's Ask Ted episode, Ted answers, "Should you track your calories?". Tune in to find out the secret key to achieving the results you want in your fitness journey!
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