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Unstoppable After 40 Masterclass: The Simple (But Effective) 5-Step Process Our High-Achieving Clients Are Using To Burn Fat, Boost Energy & Build Better Habits For Life (With Just 3 Hours A Week)

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Unstoppable After 40 Masterclass: The Simple (But Effective) 5-Step Process Our High-Achieving Clients Are Using To Burn Fat, Boost Energy & Build Better Habits For Life (With Just 3 Hours A Week)

Are you a successful high achiever who is looking to get his health under control by building a lean, strong, and athletic body (without putting in long hours in the gym or giving up his favorite foods)?

Do you secretly fear that you’ll never get your body to look the way that you want because you’re making excuses about your age or slow metabolism or hormones? Or maybe you think you can’t have it all because being successful, lean and healthy just don’t go together. Well, none of those are the problem.

The real problem is you haven’t made the 5 simple shifts to unlocking the body of your dreams.

Today, we decided to release Ted’s brand-new masterclass, Unstoppable After 40, where he is going to share his simple yet effective 5-step process that our high-achieving clients have been using to burn fat, boost energy, and build better habits for life.

If you’re a man over 40 who has been prioritizing your business or career over your health, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

In this masterclass, you will learn how to lose 20-30 lbs and keep it off (WITHOUT doing strict diets, extreme workouts, or giving up your favorite foods), how to workout in a way that FORCES your body to build lean muscle and burn fat (without injuring yourself or feeling exhausted), how to regain the energy you had in your youth so you feel 10 years younger and much more.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to reclaim your health, build the body you’ve always wanted and become Unstoppable After 40. Listen now!


You’ll learn:

  • How to lose 20-30 lbs and keep it off (WITHOUT doing strict diets, extreme workouts, or giving up your favourite foods)
  • How to workout in a way that FORCES your body to build lean muscle and burn fa
  • How to regain the energy you had in your youth so you feel 10 years younger
  • The 5 simple shifts to unlocking the body of your dreams
  • The simple fat loss formula
  • How popular diets work for weight loss and why they are not sustainable
  • The 80/20 rule for fat loss
  • The secret weapon to conquer emotional eating and stress-related habits.
  • The science behind optimizing your cellular health and defying ageing
  • And much more…


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Podcast Transcription: Unstoppable After 40 Masterclass For Men: The 5 Simple Shifts To Unlocking Sustainable Body Transformation with Ted Ryce

Ted Ryce: Welcome to the Unstoppable After 40 masterclass. Today you're going to learn the simple but effective five-step process our high achieving clients are using to burn fat, boost energy, and build better habits for life without spending more than three hours a week.  

And listen, I know the internet is full of people making big claims, and here I am doing the same thing. 

But I want to tell you something. I'm a coach. I'm not a marketer. I want you to stick with me because marketers are actually screwing up your results and screwing up the industry, and I'm going to show you how staying focused on the principles, these five steps are going to lead to better results than you can even believe. 

Again, I know that's a strong claim, but stick with me. Decide for yourself. And the first thing I want to go over is who this is for. So, this is for men over 40 who've been prioritizing business or career over their health, and they're now looking to finally have as much success with their health as they do with their wealth. 

So, we're talking about entrepreneurs, executives, and other high performing professionals who are both action oriented and highly coachable. Because in the next 45 minutes, you are going to learn how to lose 20 to 30 pounds of unwanted body fat and keep it off without doing strict diets, extreme workouts, or giving up your favorite foods. 

You're going to learn how to work out in a way that forces your body to build lean muscle and burn fat without injuring yourself or feeling exhausted. You're going to learn how to feel 10 years younger without wasting your money on supplements or taking TRT for the rest of your life. Some supplements are good, but really they account for perhaps 3% of your results. 

The steps that I'm going to share with you today are going to account for the 97%. You're also going to be able to arrive at your lowest body weight since your twenties, while crushing it in business and becoming a better role model for your family. And how to do all of this without gimmicks, cutting out carbs, giving up your social life or making the gym your second home. 

Look, I know it's a big claim, but again, I want you to stick with me because what I'm going to share with you is a powerful formula used by celebrity trainers and elite athletes to reclaim your health, annihilate your stress, and transform your body three times faster than what you thought possible.  

And look, I'm just trying to quantify it. To be honest, most people don't change their body at all, let alone three times faster than the norm. So, what I'm going to show you is how to lock this in, how to crack the code.  

So again, I want you to stick with me here and I want to share with you what this is not. There is no magic pill. You and I both know that, right? 

There's no get rich quick scheme. There's no get fit quick scheme. And also, this is not a work harder strategy. People think that they need to be in the gym for three hours. That's the wrong way to do it. It's about working smarter.  

And again, I'm going to go over five shifts, five steps, but it's not any one step. It's the combination of all of them that lead to some of the results that I'm going to show you in this masterclass.  

And again, I'm not a doctor. Don't take this as medical advice, and we're not, this isn't designed to treat disease or replace medication or anything like that. And also, I want to say, there's nothing for sale here. 

There's not going to be a button that pops up where I ask you for your information, your credit card information, nothing like that. But if you do resonate with the steps that I show you and the results that I show you from my program, then I do have a cool invitation for you at the end.  

So, does this sound like you, do you have some weeks where your body will get visibly leaner, but you just can't seem to maintain it? 

Or do you lose weight after starting a strict diet, only to fall off the wagon because you can't keep it up. It's just too strict and you give up as soon as work gets busy or you go on vacation or the holidays roll around and then you end up gaining the weight back.  

And this is the story of the last two or maybe even three decades of your life. And you know that exercise is key to your health and mental performance, but you're working so hard on your business or in your career that you just can't seem to find the time? And have you tried following extreme programs like 75 Hard. Working out two times a day and following a strict diet for not 75 days or P 90 X and ended up getting burnt out and or injured while still not seeing the results you wanted. 

And do you see other men with an amazing body full of energy crushing it in business and life? And you have no idea how they're doing it all at the same time. And are you tired of online fitness advice? Because you feel it's all about strategic marketing and quick fixes and none of it would work long term. 

And do you secretly fear that you'll never get your body to look the way that you want because you're making excuses about your age or slow metabolism or hormones? Or you secretly think you can't have it all because being successful, lean and healthy just don't go together. Well, none of those are the problem. 

The real problem is you haven't made what I call the shifts, and once you make them every day, you'll look in the mirror and see all your unwanted fat melting off your body faster than you thought possible. You'll start seeing a transformation happen while seeing lean muscle appear all over your body. 

You'll wake up in the morning full of energy from the moment you get up and you'll fall asleep effortlessly at night.  

No more of that tired but wired feeling or drinking four shots of espresso to make it through your day. You'll wake up in the morning and be proud of what you see in the mirror. You'll feel ready to dominate your day. 

One of the most common complaints that my clients tell me is, I don't like what I see in the mirror. And that sets the tone for the entire day. So, what about getting rid of that, and what about your body and presence communicating confidence, subconsciously communicating success wherever you go. Making more sales, getting a raise, growing your company, it'll all come with less effort. 

Look, being fit won't give you the skills of an entrepreneur or anything like that, but if you already have the skills and you're having trouble implementing them because of your confidence, because of your energy, because of your stress levels, then this can take you to the next level. And imagine knowing the exact amount and types of foods to eat for your body type and lifestyle while working out less. 

And for the first time, you'll have complete control over how you look and the state of your health. Of course, we're not talking about genetic disorders or accidents, but the things that are preventable.  

And I want to talk about who am I, I know I'm making some strong claims here. Okay. look, I've fallen for some of the same traps that everyone else has. 

But I want you to know this about me. I'm not an internet marketer. I started training people back in 1999 in Miami Beach before, I mean, before people had emails. I mean, I remember when I first got my email around 1999, so I've been doing it for that long.  

I've trained celebrities in case you care, like Robert Downey Jr., Sir Richard Branson, Ricky Martin, and dozens of CEOs of multimillion dollar companies around the world.  

My specialty is this. It's helping you to create a personalized blueprint that make losing fat, building muscle and feeling 10 years younger, easy to fit into your lifestyle. And I've got hundreds of men to do this to achieve their dream body so they can finally feel great in the boardroom and the bedroom while building their legacy.  

This is what lights me up. This isn't a job for me. It's a calling. It's a passion. I hope that comes through in talking about this. There's no way I would've lasted 24 years in this business if it weren't that.  

And I also want to tell you, I got fat in my thirties while building my six, uh, figure online coaching business and top Rank Health and fitness podcast.  

And when I turned 42, I made a promise to myself that enough was enough and I get into the best shape of my life. I was tired of being, look, I wasn't obese, but I was overweight in my thirties, and I just, I had enough of it. 

I have been traveling the world for the past six years. I've lived in more than 15 countries, and I know the challenges of staying in shape. What I like to say is when you travel, it increases the challenge, which necessitates a higher skill level to stay in shape while you're traveling. And another thing I want to tell you is I really feel like I started my life at 42. 

Uh, I don't, I'm not going to get into more of my personal story here, but when I say that I want to have my best years of my life in my forties, fifties, sixties, who knows, maybe even seventies, but definitely my forties, fifties, and sixties. To achieve this, I've spent thousands of dollars delving deep into the latest, most cutting-edge research on longevity, how to reverse the aging process. 

We can't really reverse it, but what we can do is we can reverse some of the signs of aging because it's our lifestyle. So, I got into this because I want the best part of my life to be the next part of my life, and that's what I'm really passionate about. I'm 46 right now. I feel like I'm 26 in so many ways, just a a little bit wiser and a few more injuries. 

But listen, this is the passion. It's not about looking a certain way or being able to bench press your body weight or any of those things. It's about helping people create a lean, strong in young body so that they can enjoy their lives. Everything is better when you're in shape.  

So let me talk about how I discovered these five shifts. First, I want to show you this. Look, that was me in my twenties as a personal trainer. Maybe I was 24, 25 something, somewhere around there and I thought I knew it all, and I was taking photos. The shirtless photos all oiled up, you know, confident, but dumb look on my face. And then I got fat in my thirties. 

And, and this really rocked me because I thought I knew everything about fitness and people believed that. I mean, so many clients hired me because of the way I looked. I was just young. I was dumb. I walked a lot. I drank alcohol all the time, but I was in clubs dancing in Miami Beach, so I burnt off all the calories that I was eating,  

And I spent more time working out than working on my business. And in my thirties that change. I started to really focus on my business and said to myself, you know, I need to take my business to the next level. And as a result, I got fat and uh, I was 24% body fat. 23 or 24, 25% is obese, by the way. 

Not only that, I felt terrible. I slept poorly. I felt stressed. My blood sugar was high, my cholesterol levels were out of whack. My triglycerides were high. I was not healthy. Some people say, you don't look that bad, Ted. But what I want to tell you is it's not about looks. It's about what's happening internally and how I felt. 

Okay, yeah. I wasn't morbidly obese, but I felt terrible. Now I'm in my forties, that photo, I mean, I'm more ripped in that photo than I was in my twenties. How do you get that to happen? That's without testosterone replacement therapy. You don't need that. In fact, anyone who tells you that, stay away! 

You can achieve that. Again, looking like that is going to take harder work than maybe you want to do, but you can look close to that. And if you do have enough drive, have enough desire, and you're willing to put in the work, and again, we're talking about working smart, not harder here, you can even achieve the same level of leanness that I have there. 

So, let's get into it. There are five simple shifts to unlocking the body of your dreams. And if you just do these five things, you'll finally get into the shape you've always wanted to be in and maintain that shape while experiencing more energy and vitality than you ever thought possible. That's what I learned from that journey, and I'm going to walk you through all five of them right now. 

Number one, escape the quick fix trap. What is that? Well, you've heard all these. Start a keto diet, intermittent fasting, or do intermittent fasting and keto, or cut out the carbs, eat paleo, drink, protein, shakes, carnivore diet. Oh my gosh. It goes on and on. All of this is just, it's all of these can work, but this isn't the principle. 

And beyond that, if you can't keep up a low carb diet or eating like a carnivore or a keto, then it's not going to work for you. And so, I want you to ask yourself the 10-year test, can you see yourself doing what you're doing right now to get in shape for the next 10 years? Because if the answer is no, then what you're doing is another quick fix. 

You're trying to adopt something that you know you're going to give up. Why do that? And so many people, they repeat this for decades. I want to tell you, if it only works short term, then your results are only going to be short term as well. And this is why we don't even have a fat loss problem or weight loss problem, we have a weight regain problem.  

People lose weight all the time. Most of my clients have lost the same 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds, 2, 3, 4, even five times. So, if you can't sustain it, then why bother? And I want to get into something. Why do we even have fat? Well, the purpose is having stored body fat was to get energy when food was scarce. 

It helped your ancestors to survive famines when there wasn't Uber Eats and a Costco to go shopping at. And what we know is this, all diets work through the same way. Low carb, ketogenic, low-fat carnivore, intermittent fasting, weight Watchers, paleo, Atkins, name the diet. They all work because of a calorie deficit, and when you put yourself in a calorie deficit, your body has to get the missing energy from somewhere. 

When you get this right, this isn't about, you don't have a slow metabolism. You don't need to do more exercise. Well, unless you're exercising, not exercising at all. But we have to learn how to get into a calorie deficit, and there's a sweet spot for it. The key is to eat just the right amount of calories to lose fat while building muscle. 

Because if you go too deep into a deficit, which people tend to do, they're like, yeah, move more, eat less, eat less, move more. They, they drop their calories too low, they exercise too much, end up with a lot of hunger and end up burning muscle as well. So that's the opposite of progress. That is failure. 

That's why people get stuck. So, there's a sweet spot here, and it's different for every person. And one thing I want to tell you too is influencers will tell you online that you need to eat super-duper clean. But the truth is that's not necessary. What's necessary is creating an energy deficit through a combination of diet, lifestyle, and the right amount of exercise, eating a sufficient amount of protein to build muscle and prevent muscle loss, eating the right types of foods that keep you full booster energy and improve your overall health. 

And then the 20% of the time you can enjoy yourself. It's called a 80 20 rule. You stay in that deficit, get sufficient protein and consume those high-volume, low-calorie foods to manage your hunger. And then when your meals matter, when it's the honey honeymoon or anniversary, or your daughter's birthday, or it's a social gathering or vacation, you can eat what you want as long as you stay within your calories and you can lose fat eating whatever. 

Because giving up your favorite foods doesn't work long-term in today's environment. Why would you when you can have your cake and eat it too? And I want to show you a case study here. This is my client Dan. He's a divorce lawyer from Virginia and he struggled to maintain a healthy weight his entire adult life. 

He's like a lot of my clients. He's at the pinnacle of his career, but he struggled with his weight for almost three decades and he is tried all the diets and workouts. But that's how he looks on the right, and Dan told me, it's just frustrating when you view yourself as someone intelligent and able to achieve a lot in life, but you can't crack this particular nut, or at least you can't do it on a sustainable basis. 

And boom, he hired me after listening to my podcast for five years. He kept trying things on his own for that time, but he was skeptical and motivated to make a change. And in four months, Dan lost over 40 pounds without spending hours in the gym. In fact, his workouts were 20 minutes or following a restrictive diet. 

He still drank alcohol. He still went to steakhouse. He's not a big sweet eater. It's more alcohol and eating out. And in 12 months he lost a total of 56 pounds. I mean, he's never even been in this good a shape in his entire life. And at 52 years old, this is what's possible. When you do things right, when you follow what I'm telling you here, when you put yourself in a calorie deficit, as well as the other shifts, I'm going to share, share with you. 

And one thing he said to me, this lights me up. He's like, working with you has been great. Best money I ever spent. I mean, I'm probably not the best money, maybe the wedding to his wife. But I'm up there with the top things he's ever spent money on and better to make the investment now before you have to overcome real obstacles is where he is, is that big takeaway. 

So, he's definitely on board for a year, and if we talked and look, he's at 16% body fat now. That's what's possible when you have the right plan and right accountability.  

So, let's go to shift number two: Train smarter, not harder. Have you ever heard of progressive overload training? Because it's the most effective way to force your body to build lean muscle and get stronger. 

And it's the single most important factor from getting massive results from any type of workout or any form of exercise. I don't care if it's yoga, Pilates. P90x five by five stronger lifts, or 5, 3, 1. You can name anything, CrossFit, doesn't matter. It's about this exercise principle, and this is, you know, the boring, unsexy exercise principle that no marketers talk about. But it leads to sexy results.  

I'll show you what I mean here, but first I want to show you, if you get this wrong, you're not going to end up the way you want. I'm sure neither of these describes your goal physique, but this is exactly where people end up when they diet. They do the wrong types of training or too much training and cut their food intake too much as well. 

But when you get this right, I mean, how do these guys look this way in that photo, Jason Statham was 51 years old, Hugh Jackline was 49. How did these guys look that way? Is it just metabolism? Are they on TRT? Are they, you know, genetically gifted? No, they have. They have trainers who are applying progressive overload because this is how every single person ends up looking this way, whether their trainer, whether they know it or not, whether their trainer knows it or not. 

This is the principle, just like a calorie deficit leads to fat loss regardless of whether someone understands if that's the principle or not. And it's how I went from 18 years old, still looking good there, and that was training for four years, by the way, to 46. How do you get bigger muscles? Although 

 I'm arguably, you know, less well, I'm certainly not, not as young, and I have things working against me as I get older. But how do I look that like that then? Well, progressive overload, and here's how it works: You must get stronger over time. This is the only way your body will ever want to build muscle and get stronger, is if you create a demand that signals that these changes have to be made. 

And if you don't do this and you keep doing the same weight for the same reps and sets, you will look the same. And that's exactly where most people are stuck. Controlled research studies clearly show that the key factor for growing muscle is increasing training volume over time.  

And when you get this right, you train in a smart way that gets results faster while maintaining your muscle mass and strength, whether you're exhausted or sore after workout, it just doesn't matter. 

Oh, my workout was so tough. Great. Did you do more than what you did last time? Because that's all that matters. And when you do this right, you see results every week. And if you're not, you're just doing it wrong. Here's another case study.  

This is Jeff, financial advisor from Atlanta. He was doing keto and CrossFit. I can't think of a more brutal combination. I've never even done the keto. I was low carb for a long time and I've never done CrossFit, because I like my shoulders and knees. But he was in it. He was pushing and he's like a lot of my clients, he was crushing it in his career. But he was spending so much time and effort trying to get in shape and still looking like the photo on the right, and it wasn't getting rid of his belly. 

But in three months of working with me, he lost 28 pounds and his gut disappeared. And in six months, Jeff Lopp lost 42 and a half pounds. Started focusing on building a stronger muscular body by using progressive overload and you see the results, the results speak for himself. He looks like a different person. 

And he said one of the best achievements during the yearly program is that he was finally able to enjoy the foods that he loves and go on business meetings, vacations, social gatherings without worrying about what he was eating or drinking. He felt that he learned a system that he could use for the next 20 years and really the rest of his life, right? 

That's what we're aiming for here. It's not 20 years, but because he was only 42. But this is something you can use for the rest of your life.  

So, let's get into use the secret weapon. What is that? Well, let's start this conversation by saying roughly 75% of overeating is caused by emotions, feud, food is fuel, but it also plays a vital role in our relationships, enjoyment of life brings us pleasure. Grandma makes the best apple pie. It's more than just food.  

And so many of us, we find ourselves returning to food where we're feeling anxious, sad, bored, feeling low. We eat to distract ourselves from the stress we're experiencing, and experts define stress eating as the behavior of eating, consuming large quantities of food, usually comfort or unhealthy foods to cope with emotions particularly, particularly, those we see as negative.  

One key thing is you have to learn to distinguish in my experiencing physical, physical hunger, which is slow and gradual, and you're not craving anything in particular. You just need to eat, and then when you're full, you're satisfied. And it's intentional and it's patient. 

In other words, you're not too crazy about what you're eating or the way you're eating, but emotional hunger is sudden or abrupt. Have you ever had something go wrong and you're like, oh, I just need to eat something. I know I have, and it's got to be something specific so you're not desiring a salad with a light vinaigrette. 

You want cookies or pizza or a burger. And even when you eat it, you're not satisfied. You feel like you just need a little more, just need a little more. And sometimes you even feel guilty after eating, especially if you're overweight or obese, and it feels impulsive. So, it's really crucial to differentiate these. 

And I want to talk about the science here because. What we know is research has found that highly palatable foods activate brain regions of reward and pleasure, right? Why is it that we're reaching for the ice cream, the cookies, the burger, the pizza, the pasta, when we're feeling bad, or going out to dinner after a tough day, putting out fires and you're at the steakhouse and you're starting with wine and bread and butter and order high calorie foods, it's because these foods trigger the reward, uh, centers of our brain.  

And what I want to tell you is if you keep indulging in these, it leads to more cravings, decreased pleasure from food, it overrides the signals of satiety and hunger. You just want more is simply how it put, uh, simply how it goes. And what I want to tell you is this is a hormonal slash neurotransmitter issue.  

And think about this. It's 5:00 PM You spent the entire day putting out fires in your business. You feel like you've done your duty and then some. Then you think to yourself, I worked hard today, I should treat myself to a nice steak dinner and a good bottle of wine.  

But you overeat at dinner, drink too much. You wake up the next day feeling fat, bloated, slightly groggy from the alcohol. You're less productive, more emotionally reactive. And you know what? Now you're feeling the same thing that you need, the reward that you're craving these foods again.  

And what I want to tell you is you must create a personalized stress reduction blueprint because anytime that you are in this, too much stress or burnout, if you see this on the right-hand side, by the way, this is the Yorkie's Dodson law. This comes from research. On the idea that there's an optimal amount of stress that leads to performance, but too much leads to problems and not enough also leads to problems with performance. 

And what I want to tell you here is applying this to getting in shape. If you are towards the too much stress or even towards the burnout, you're not going to be able to get in shape without dealing with your stress because you are eating emotionally, your stress is causing you to, to overeat and there's no program, there's no diet that can help. 

They can help a little bit, but ultimately, long-term you must deal with your stress. And again, let's dive into it a little bit more. The Yorkies Dodson law is a model of relationship between stress and performance. You reach your peak level of performance with an intermediate level of stress or arousal. 

Too little or too much results in poor performance, and this relationship between stress and performance is connected, like I said, with your fitness and nutrition success. That's why we work closely with our clients to create their personalized stress reduction blueprint. The first step is to rate their current stress levels, and the second step is to understand how different situations affect our feelings and perceived stress. 

And I want to tell you, do you have, are you overweight or obese? Then I guarantee stress is playing a role, whether you're aware of it or not. What I want to tell you is that chronic stress leads to poor sleep, increased hunger, cravings for high calorie foods, and more emotional reactivity. This leads to a cycle that's hard to break out of. 

That's why we create this personalized stress re reduction blueprint to help our clients reduce stress, create better environments, and manage their emotions and feelings so they don't let work and life situations trigger a stress eating cycle.  

Or at least, I'm not going to say you're never going to be triggered to eat by stress again. But our clients, they know how to deal with it and they minimize the damage, they minimize the overeating. They're able to catch it fast and do something different. And after working with clients for 24 years, let me tell you something, and I want you to pay attention to this. 

24 years I've been doing this, so pay attention. The number one challenge that I see them have is managing stress. You will not achieve the body health or life you want without mastering your stress, mastering the balance, and being in the zone. That's the truth, folks.  

And I want to show you a case study here. This is Trevor, 47 years old. A successful real estate broker from Portland who desperately needed to stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed at the end of the day, and he was working out all the time. And look, he looks like someone who's working out. He looks like he's in decent shape, but why does he have that protrusion in his belly there? 

Well, I ended up finding out because when his wife found my podcast and got him to tune in, Trevor booked a call with me and let's see what the results turned out to be. In four months, Trevor lost 25 pounds. He went from, I think it was 17.5% body fat to 12.5% body fat in just a couple, uh, I'm sorry, four months. 

And his gut disappeared and he finally started to build that lean muscular body. In fact, he put on very little muscle. This was all mostly fat loss. But what I love best about what Trevor said, he said the biggest change when we created his personalized stress blueprint, because that was a big issue for him. He said, the ability to focus more, and I'm telling you, I'm much better at my job now. I'm much better at being present with my kids and my wife than before.  

That was very unexpected. This is what happens when you get in shape the right way. When you don't do those strict diets or extreme workouts, which by the way, where do you think that pushes you toward on that Yorkie's Dodson? 

Too much stress and burnout range is what that does. Story for another time, but something to keep in mind. And one thing that I wanted to show you was this message. He said, thanks for the message. I think the hardest part about being in Belize is the vacation aspect. They're constantly offering fruit drinks and rum drinks, and I'm still doing well, but there's definitely more temptation. 

I want to enjoy life, but I'm very happy with how I look and feel. I'm drinking more here than I am at home, but still keeping the calories very close to the goal we set. And the good news is I'm still having a great time with Julie and the family. My son is even going to do the band workout with me. How amazing is that? 

So, he's still drinking alcohol. He's still going on vacation. He's still living life, but he's very happy with how he looks and feels. That's one of the keys to staying in shape long-term. You get in such a good place with how you look and feel, and if your strategies aren't creating stress, but they're helping you to manage stress, you want to keep that up. That's the magic here, uh, easy to talk about, but. Very hard to do. 

So, let's get into the fourth shift, sorry, is fix your cellular health. And I want to ask you, does this sound familiar? Have you ever went on a strict diet and lost fat, but you still felt like something was off? And do you find it's getting harder and harder to maintain a healthy weight as you get older? 

Do you hit a plateau easily when losing weight? Have you been trying for years to lose that last 10 pounds? Well, one thing I want to tell you is inflammation, insulin resistance, nutrient deficiencies, constipation, fatigue, weakness, low injury, uh, low energy are all signs. There's an issue with your cellular health and you're not alone. 

The truth is that diet and exercise is often not enough to fix your health, especially if you've been dedicating most of your time and focus to growing your business for the past two or three decades. The chances are high you've been neglecting your health, and it's not just about fat. It's not just about exercising more or getting rid of the fat. 

Changes in the cells of your tissues start to happen as you become more unhealthy. Just losing the fat, while that's a big part of it and it leads to the majority of changes. We also found that using a comprehensive blood chemistry analysis helps to spot cellular health issues.  

So, we help our clients analyze the health of their hormones, mitochondria, immune system, gut microbiome, metabolic system, nervous system, brain, cardiovascular system all in an effort to optimize their health and provide the most personalized dietary and nutritional supplement recommendations possible.  

I want to just say how this works. People feel bad. Feeling bad makes it hard to stick with an exercise program. So, when we can tailor things, nutrition dietary and nutritional supplement recommendations to a person that starts to resolve those deeper issues, it all just feels easier. 

So, it's not just about your diet and exercise plan, it's about going back to the foundation, the health of yourselves. The only way to know is by looking into your body and the 30 trillion cells to make a smart decision on how we can improve you. Slowdown that aging process and help you get into the best shape of your life. 

Once you reset your body and get healthier and stronger, you can finally follow a diet and exercise plan and see lasting results. It just feels easier to do because you just feel healthier.  

Listen, I had to find this the hard way. I had some insulin resistance going on and some inflammation and some other things, some gut health problems, uh, we'll get into all that. But once I started to deal with those, I just started feeling better.  

And again, if stress is driving overeating and we have stress coming from some of the issues we have, the health issues that we have, it's hard to stay on track. But once you learn how to do this, you can get into great shape. 

Shift number five, invest in mentoring. And I want to ask you, are you satisfied with your current results? Look in the mirror right now. Grab around your waist. How hard are you working for it? And what are the results? Are you like, Jeff, you're doing Cross Fitting keto? Are you like Trevor, you're working out doing high intensity interval training and killing yourself, but you still due to your stress, you're drinking too much alcohol? 

Are you like, Dan, where you go on diets, you lose the weight, but end up gaining the weight back and you've been doing that for a while and you, you keep, and maybe you're here because you're looking for that next step.  

What I want to tell you is behind every great success is a coach. Now this, we all know this because every Olympic athlete has a coach. 

Every professional sport team has a head coach and a series of other coaches. But sometimes we don't realize, wow, a coach can help us in our life.  

And listen, I've been through it all, and I'll tell you, it's nice to listen to podcasts or watch masterclasses or, uh, what else? Read a book. There's nothing like coaching.  

And here are the traits of a great coach. They provide expert advice and a step-by-step system that works for everyone because why? Because it's based on biological principles, progressive overload, calorie deficit, stress management. Those are things that apply to everybody, and they walk the talk. They've done this because a big part of this is knowing how to change behavior, and they provide no bs and hold you accountable. And they share the same core values as you.  

Are you trying to make health your life or are you into health and fitness? Because it will help you improve your lifestyle and they help you instill belief and raises the standards. And you know what? Let's be real. The standards in our society for health are really low. Really low right now. And why reinvent the wheel?  

I made all the mistakes to figure this stuff out. I've trained hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs, CEOs, A players, they all have the same challenges as you. I've seen it all, and I want to ask you, how much more time do you want to waste trying to figure this out on your own? 

Because most men look the same year after year, they spend thousands of dollars on gym memberships, personal trainers, e-books, courses, supplements, and more. And despite investing all their time, energy, and money into these things, they never see what their body and health is truly capable of. And again, take a quick look at your body with all the time, money, and effort you put into getting shape. 

Are you happy with your results? Because repeating the same unsuccessful patterns over and over for years is crazy. And there's another thing now, before there wasn't enough information back when I started in 1999, but now, it's going to take you years to figure out what's right and what is bs, and you may never even do it. 

Anna, what I want to tell you is I've personally invested more than $60,000 on training and mentoring in the past year. I've been paid $20,000 for one day with a top coach, and every time it was a big decision. Now, all of those investments, they pay for themselves. When you're working with the right people, they get you results fast. 

So don't do it alone. Find the best mentor out there and spend what it takes to work with them. So, to recap, what do you need to win? Step one, escape the quick fix trap. Step two, train smarter, not harder. Step three, use the secret weapon. Step four, fix your cellular health. Step five, invest in mentoring. 

These five shifts alone are enough to help you reclaim your health and get the body you've always wanted while building a legacy that you're proud of. Now you have a choice.  

There's two paths you can take from here. You can go back down the path. That you've been going on and get the same results you've been getting, or you have another choice. 

And so, here's how I can help my team and I have set aside some time in the next 72 hours to speak to you personally about how you can apply these techniques in your life and get immediate results starting today. And the cost of the call, it's absolutely free.  

Whatever your biggest challenges are, your busy calendar, the state of your health, low energy, slow metabolism, sleep issues, high stress, work environment in injuries or body insecurities, I've seen it all and know how to shift you past it. 

But this isn't for everyone. You must be open to changing your current approach and possess the courage to embrace a faster and smarter way to transform your health, body, and life. You must be sick and tired of being out of shape and stressed and be 110% committed to doing what it takes to change now. 

You should be ready to make you a priority in your life. And if this is you, I want you to book a call with me, and on that call, I'll help you get total clarity exactly about what you want your body, health and lifestyle to look like, as well as the exact steps you should take to becoming leaner, sexier, and healthier, faster than you ever thought possible. 

If you want us to help you and we also think it's a good fit, we may invite you to be part of our coaching program, and if we work together, I'm going to put you through the same program we put our most successful clients through. The curriculum is designed to get you the body and health you've always wanted. 

No matter your age, busy lifestyle, or how many times you tried and failed in the past, we'll expect you to be making real progress to achieve this in the next 12 months.  

So, did you resonate with this? Are you the type of person who you're tired of trying to do this on your own? You know that working with a golf instructor, a golf pro will help you clean up whatever issues are making your swing or, or affecting your game. 

Same thing with a tennis coach. Haven't you ever done that? And you're like, wow. I was making the same mistake for years, but then I worked with this coach and he helped me improve my game right away. Well, that's what I can do for you and your health and your body, and I can show you how to keep it.  

So, if you resonate with this, if you're an executive entrepreneur, a high performing professional, and you're coachable, and you're sick and tired of being where you want to be, go to  

That's legendary life And listen, spaces are limited. I have a small business, small, I can't work with a hundred people, but if this resonates with you, don't put this off-book that call now. 

Don't say you're going to do it tomorrow. And again, this is only if it resonates with you. If this doesn't resonate with you, go do your thing. Maybe come back if you get frustrated because you can't figure it out on your own. But if you're ready right now, take action right now,

Looking forward to speaking with you. Hope you enjoyed this presentation today, and talk to you soon. 


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