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450: The Top Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight On the Keto Diet with Ted Ryce


Struggling to lose weight on a keto diet but, despite all those success stories you read on the internet, the scale doesn’t move in your case? Wondering why is that happening and what are you doing wrong?

Well, first of all you should find out if the keto diet is really something for you. Because not everything that sounds fancy and is viral on the Internet will necessarily work for everyone. Keto, low carb or carnivore diets are definitely in trend at this moment, but like any other trends they might not be the best solution for yourself.

But if you love eating keto, if you are not a big fan of carbs, if you think this diet is really something you enjoy, but still you are not losing weight, you should find out why this is happening.

In this new episode of the Legendary Life Podcast, Ted Ryce will talk about the keto diet and the most important reasons why people don’t lose weight on it. As usually, he is going to reveal a lot of valuable information backed by science and combined with his own experience in the nutrition and fitness field. Listen now!


You’ll learn:

What is Keto and low carb diet? [00:21 – 04:29]

The 8 reasons why you’re not losing weight on keto diet [04:29 – 33:29]

Reason no. 1: You’re struggling to stay on it [04:29 – 09:59]

Reason no. 2: You are eating too many calories [09:59 – 11:57]

Reason no. 3: You’re drinking too much alcohol [11:57 – 13:14]

Reason no. 4: You are eating too much processed food [13:14 – 17:06]

Reason no. 5: You’re undereating protein [17:06 – 20:58]

Reason no. 6: You aren’t getting enough physical activity [20:58 – 23:02]

Reason no. 7: You’re not lifting weights [23:02 – 25:52]

Reason no. 8: You’re putting on muscle [25:52 – 33:29]

And much more…


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Podcast Transcription: The Top Reasons You're Not Losing Weight On the Keto Diet with Ted Ryce

Ted Ryce: What is up my friend and welcome back to another episode of the Legendary Life podcast. I'm your host, Ted Ryce, coach to entrepreneurs, executives, and other high performing professionals. And this is the show where we break down science-based information on how to lose fat, prevent disease to live a longer, legendary life.

Today we have a great episode for you. It's just going to be you and me. We're going to be talking about the top reasons why people don't lose weight or lose fat, however you want to think about it, on the keto diet. So many misconceptions, and even if you're not on the keto diet or on a low carb diet, you're going to learn a ton of stuff, as I hope you always do when we dive into nutrition.

But, I'll start off by saying this: there's a dirty little secret in the low carb community, in the low carb/ keto community. And now in the carnivore - rubbed my head when I say that term carnivore diet community. Some people get great results, we see it on social media, "I cut out the carbs and I lost 50 pounds!". And all, all the people talking about the great success they've had cutting out carbs, going keto, going low carb, potentially going carnivore.

But if you go into some of the groups like I have, you'll see that a lot of people are super struggling. And when someone loses 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds and you see their photos, they got another 50 pounds to lose, If not more. That is not amazing results, folks! We want to see, I mean, look, I'm not saying that all of us have to…, we don't all have to get ripped. Okay? And in some cases you're not going to look great.

So anyway, the point is this, some of the results aren't that great, but if you really believe in this idea that low carb and keto proponents buy into, which is called the carbohydrate insulin model of obesity. Basically it's this: carbs raise insulin levels, insulin is a fat storing hormone and whenever you eat carbs and raise insulin levels and therefore raise insulin levels, you store fat. And you might be one of those people who nod your head " Oh yeah, I look at a carb and I gain weight". We're going to break down some things for you today.

So, so yeah, let's just pop right in, shall we? I mean, people think that the key to fat loss is just lowering carbohydrates and it has to do with the hormone called insulin. Like that was the missing link, like if you could just cut out the carbs... Do you feel like this? Like if you could just cut out carbs and get into ketosis, you'd lose all the fat you ever wanted to. So, the problem is that while many people have success on the keto diet, there are just as many people who struggled to get results from it.

Listen, you see the social media success stories, and many of them are great, they're inspiring and I have nothing against that. That's cool! But I'm a coach, I get people who come to me, who've tried those things and it didn't work. Or other circumstances where people argue with me online, like, "Oh no, it's carbs that make you fat!" It's like, okay, well, so you lost all this weight? Show me! Okay? Mostly on Twitter where there's a lot of anonymous people. And, not as many these days, actually.

I think they all have me blocked or whatever. So I have such a great community on Twitter. And if you're not spending some time on Twitter with me and you are on Twitter, make sure you hit me up. Okay? @ted_ryce.

So, let's jump right into this. What are these reasons?

# Reason no. 1: You're Struggling to Stay on It

Number one is you're struggling to stay on it. There's actually good research on this. I don't have it right on hand and I don't think it's that important, but basically it shows a lot of people, over 50%, I believe, the vast majority of people, 70%, there's some high percentage of people who stopped doing the keto diet because they just can't do it.

So look, I want to tell you this right now! I want to just straight up tell you this right now. If you enjoy eating fattier foods, like cheese, full fat cottage cheese, full fat yogurt, you enjoy nuts, you enjoy avocados, you enjoy coconut, you enjoy fattier cuts of meat and you don't love carbs, you don't love the fruit, you don't love the grains, you don't love the starchy vegetables like potatoes, you're not a big fan, right? Or maybe you like them, but you'd rather eat the fattier stuff. Totally cool! Do the low carb! Some people think I'm against low carb. I'm not! I'm against bullshit, which happens to be rife in the low carb, keto and carnivore community. But I'm against that. I'm not against low carb.

I have a client right now who's a low carber or he likes to keep the carbs on the lower side. No problem with me! And he's doing awesome! He's going to be having a six pack easily, by the time he finishes his three month stint with me.

So if that's you, keep doing the low carb thing, or if you like Keto, do it! If you like, whatever it is you're doing on keto, do it! And it's working for you? Do it!

However, I wanted to talk to the person who you believe that you gotta be on keto, or that you got to cut carbs. That is not true, my friend, not true at all! Okay?

Let me tell you a little bit of a backstory. So I used to be a low carb crazy person. I said "Look, bro! - I may have actually said it like this - So look, bro, you eat carbs? Carbs raise your insulin levels, insulin is a fat storing hormone. Okay? You connect the dots!" Right? It seemed so easy, so simple. And then I did all my pre medical requisites, cause I wanted to be a doctor for a little while. Thank God that never happened! Because I really love what I'm doing right now and I'd probably still be in school at this point. "I'm doing my third residency, post-doctoral whatever I have to do. And by the time I'm 50, I'll finally start working as a doctor!" Right? I'm just kidding, in case you're a doctor. I have a lot of respect for you.

But when I went to school I learned a lot. And one of the things I learned is how to look at research a bit better. And the research used to show this, check this out! It used to show on nutrition that low carb diets were way better than low fat diets for fat loss, way better. It was cut and dry. So obvious. I was like “Of course I knew this for a long time, I'd been eating low carb for a long time, I've been low carb since I got into the business, you know, in the 20... nearly for the majority of the 20 something years, I've been in the business.”

But here's the thing! They conducted more research. What they figured out was "Oh, look so let's check this out! So look at these low carb studies and look at these low fat studies! The low carb people in this study ate a lot more protein than those low fat people!" And what some brilliant researchers have done in the past few years is they started to compare. They were like, "Hey, let's not only match the calories like we have in the past, but now we're going to match the calories and the percentage of those calories coming from protein!"

And guess what it showed? I think you know what I'm about to say here! No difference! Okay? No difference! It's about total calories and how much protein you eat. And if you haven't listened to my "The absolute best diet for fat loss episode" episode 445 please go and listen to that, after this one! I teach you exactly what to do. ‘

I have a new client who just signed up with me because he lost five pounds in a week utilizing what I shared in that episode. Okay? And that was before hiring me. He was so sold on after that. So go to episode 445, "The absolute best diet for fat loss" and listen to it and actually do what I teach you to do there. You will get results!

Back to this thing. You're struggling to stay on it. What I'm trying to tell you is there's no need to struggle on any diet. Okay? There's some things that you'll have to do to lose fat, but you don't have to change the foods and you don't have to cut any foods out, any food group out like carbs. So if you're struggling to stay on it, just stop and listen to that episode! I'll teach you exactly what to do. Episode 445.

# Reason no. 2: You Are Eating Too Many Calories
So reason number two, which is you're eating too many calories. You're eating too many calories. You see a lot of keto people, what are
they doing? They buy into this idea that just lower insulin and insulin makes the fat drop right off your body. And you see them eating all these keto sweets, which don't have any sugar in them, no carbs or are super low-carb. And they're eating them all because they're under this idea that you can eat all the food that you want, all the fat that you want, as long as you don't have carbs, you're fine, you'll lose fat. But it's not true folks! Okay? It's just not true!

So if you're one of these people eating all these keto sweets, cut the keto sweets out or track your calories, like I teach you how to do an episode 445, and then you don't have to, then you can eat the way you want and lose fat, you can eat keto sweets

Another thing and I was guilty of this. I believed in the low carb thing so much, I used to eat, I used to go out of my way to eat butter. I was like, butter's a healthy food. You ever heard that one? Oh man! I used to put butter on things, I used to put oil in my coffee, coconut oil in my coffee, butter in my coffee. Look, do not add a bunch of butter or oil! It is adding calories, specifically nine calories per gram. This is a thing that they don't tell you about keto because they don't emphasize calories at all.

Protein has four calories per gram, carbs - four calories per gram, fat - nine calories per gram. And guess what? A lot of the fats that you may eat like butter and oil, that's not going to help you with your hunger! The ketones that you produce might, but these specific things, people struggle with hunger on keto. I've talked to them. Okay? So keep that in mind!

# Reason no. 3: You're Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Number three, you're drinking too much alcohol. I had a client once who said "Ted, I'm following your nutrition plan - back when I would give someone something like that - I'm following your nutrition plan to the T." And this was an extremely successful businessman who I knew was following exactly what I gave him to do.

And I said "John, how much are you drinking? Are you drinking alcohol?" And he's like "Oh yeah! We're putting away about two bottles of wine a night" or whatever, I forget exactly, but it was a lot. I was like "Ooh, okay!"

People will tell you alcohol has sugar in it. That's not exactly true. Alcohol is another macronutrient, just like carbs, fat, protein and alcohol. It's another macronutrient. It has, oh gosh, I think it has four calories per gram. I forget right now, forgive me!

But I said "Yeah, you gotta cut that. You gotta dial that in. You can't just follow a diet and then drink a ton of calories, especially from alcohol and, and expect yourself to get anywhere!"

And again, it comes back to the total calories. It doesn't mean you can't drink alcohol. No, you can. But again, you've got to fit into that caloric budget.

#Reason no. 4: You Are Eating Too Much Processed Food

Number four is you are eating too much processed food! Now, a thing, when I talk about calories, a lot of people I should say, not my clients, but a lot of people hate the idea of calories because it's just like, let me just cut the carbs, okay? Or just let me cut the fat. Just tell me what to do, make it simple! But the problem is this, you're getting a fish and you're not being taught how to fish, right? You just cut the carbs and it's not sustainable. And one of the other things that happens, why people get so irritated with calorie tracking thing, macronutrient or, or calorie tracking is that food gets processed differently.

So you're going to get one of the things that we, that I do with my clients, is I increase their, I have them do something called a phase one where they're basically eating protein and vegetables and they're getting a lot of..., they're getting the calories from the protein and vegetables.

But another thing is that it takes your body much more energy to digest protein and fibrous foods. So yeah, you may be eating more calories from protein, but a lot of those get burned up in the digestion I should say, of protein. So does that make sense?

So let me put it to you like this. Think about a nice juicy steak, like I had yesterday. Oh my gosh! The steak was so amazing! And I had to, I cut the steak and chewed it, hmmm, so delicious! And then I swallow it and then it's still like a chunk of meat and all these hydrochloric acids get released and these other enzymes get released and have to take apart that meat, and it's work and work costs energy.

Now, think about this. Have you ever eaten a praline from New Orleans, or taken a bite of ice cream cake? The ice cream that just melts in your mouth, right? Your brain's probably like "ice cream!", like mine is right now, it just melts in your mouth. It takes no energy to digest. You don't even have to really chew it. It's already processed, ultra processed, you might say.

So when foods are processed and processing doesn't mean that it's bad, right? It doesn't mean that is bad, but it does mean that it makes the nutrients, including the calories more available.

So ground beef, you're gonna get more of the calories from that, than you would chewing a piece of steak. Especially if you're like me, sometimes you are so ravenous with this steak and you get so excited about it, you chew it up and kind of swallow chunks of meat. I chew more now, not to go off on a tangent, but I used to just eat ravenously, eat so quickly. And now I've forced myself to be more mindful, to chew my food more.

But you know, the processed food, you get more calories out of, it is the point of this talk right now, this point I'm trying to make. So by reducing processed food and including whole foods, regardless of what diet you're on, if you're on the Keto, less oils, less olive oil - eat more olives - less coconut oil - eat more coconut, right? Less keto treats, more whole foods. Okay? These principles still hold true, regardless as to whether you're following the keto diet or not.

# Reason no. 5: You're Undereating Protein

Another thing I want to talk about, the next reason you're having trouble losing weight on keto is you're undereating protein.

Now in episode 445, that I have referenced like 36 times already, I tell you exactly how to figure out how much protein to eat, but I will share very quickly here. If you're a normal weight person, have about one gram per pound. And if you use the metric system, it is about 2.2 grams per kilo.

And if you are someone who is overweight or obese even, you want to use a 0.6 to 0.7 grams of protein per pound. And this is per day, folks, per day. So 0.6 to 0.7 around there. I even go higher than that sometimes it depends on the person what their weight is. And I can't do that one for metric, can't convert that to the metric system. Sorry, you are gonna have to do that on your own.

So, you are undereating protein. But why is protein important? Well, I just did a little talk about how protein has a higher thermic effect of feeding, in other words it takes more energy to digest protein. And it is nothing to turn your nose up at here, we are talking about a normal meal that is predominately carbs and fats with a bit of protein thrown in, pretty much most meals of most people these days, regardless of culture, to almost regardless of culture. So you're going to use about 10% of your calories to... just in the digestion process.

Now, when we up the protein, that can be up to 15, 20 all the way up to 30%, depending on how much protein you're having, of course. So that is a nice little boost.

And not only does it help you with that thermic effect of feeding. It also helps you maintain your muscle mass. One of the saddest things that happen in the weight loss world is that people will lose a lot of weight and they don't look amazing afterwards. And one of the reasons that happens is because about 25% of the weight that they lost was muscle. And one of the key things, nutritionally speaking at least, to prevent muscle loss is eating adequate protein.

Now, I gave you the values, right? If you're a normal weight, one gram of protein per pound, and figure that out based on your weight and that's how much you should, more or less eat in a day, every day.

nd if you're overweight/obese, maybe 0.6 to 0.7, the bigger you are, the probably lower number you want to use. Of course, I just told you, I use a bit more, but you want to make sure you do that because it helps you protect your lean muscle.

In fact, the secret diet, I don't know why people don't talk about this, a secret trick besides what I share with you in that episode 445, is that when you cut calories and keep your protein high, that's the magic fat loss bullet that you're looking for, folks! People talking about it? I don't know, I'm talking about it. I don't know. People like to hit on carbs. It helps him sell books. I don't know, I can't tell you.

I'm not a, I'm not a diet book author, I'm a coach. So I can't just get up there and say something fancy and demonize carbohydrates and buy my book. I need to get results with clients. I'm very results driven, right? Otherwise I don't have a business. And that pays the bills right now. Right? So, so that's the perspective I'm coming from. And so eating protein, eating the right amount of protein is super important.

# Reason no. 6: You Aren't Getting Enough Physical Activity

Now let's get to reason number six: you aren't getting enough physical activity. Here's the thing. You can't sit on your butt and lay on your back when you're sleeping, or I don't know, maybe you lay on your back during the day. I took a little nap today. You gotta move. You gotta move your body. You can't just show up to the gym three times a week for an hour. You gotta move your body.

Now in the episode I did on concurrent training, that will be coming out soon, I will talk to you about the benefits of doing cardio and strength training together and how to right that program for yourself, how to follow the right type of workout, combining cardio and lifting, lifting weights. But you got to get your physical activity in.

You don't have to do cardio, but you gotta move. So track your steps. Make sure if you can track for a week - not “if you can”, track for a week! you can track for a week - see how many steps you're getting.

One of the keys to my success as a coach and to the great results you probably see me get, I track things. I track things. It's a no brainer. That's why I love working with entrepreneurs, it's so easy. The strategies that we use here, entrepreneurs just get them so easily, they are like “Oh, I got to know my numbers. Okay!” Yeah, exactly!

People don't get results, that's the secret folks, people don't get results because they have no idea. They're like ”Oh, but I cut carbs. But I work out three two times a week, but I lift weight!” It's like, yeah, but you're not measuring things! What gets measured gets managed as the management guru, Peter Drucker so eloquently stated.

So, if you're not getting enough physical activity, that could be a problem. And I've had clients... Probably the more overweight you are, the less physical activity you're getting throughout the day. Even though your metabolism is actually higher than a person who's smaller. Make sure you get enough physical activity, folks! And track yourself for a week to get an idea of how much you're doing.
# Reason no. 7: You're Not Lifting Weights

So reason number seven, you're not lifting weights. Lifting weights, this is the key, right? This is the key. Even above, if someone said ”Hey, well I have a choice here. Either I do physical activity and get my 10,000 or 15,000 or whatever how many steps per day or, or lift weights.” Lifting weights would be the money. If you're not lifting weights two times a week, you are really doing yourself a disservice in so many ways. So many, so many ways.

I don't even love lifting weights. And I'm telling you that, okay? I don't love lifting weights. You should see my workouts now. They're totally weird and I use isometrics. Most predominantly isometrics. I'm in the gym, nobody's doing anything near what I'm doing now. I've got a lot of injuries, that's the reason why. But you got to lift weights, folks!

And again, I'm not like ”yeah, I love lifting and you should lift too!” Right? I don't. That's not where I'm coming from here. I'm telling you: “listen, I love, I love sports, I love hiking, I love scuba diving, I love doing martial arts. I don't love lifting weights. I think it's okay. I enjoy how I feel. But it's like time consuming. You know, you got to push yourself. I don't love it because when I do sports, I'm just lost in the moment. I'm not like exercising, but when you're lifting weights, you're like ”One, two fifteen. How many do I need to do of these? Now it's getting harder, I want to quit. But I just, I should probably keep going.”

We don't love it, but we do it. Okay? I don't love brushing my teeth and flossing, scraping my tongue and gargling. It's a pain in the ass, but you know, what's even worse than? Having to do all that stank breath. So lift weights! Okay? Don't have the stank breath equivalent.

So, lift weights, it's part of just basic upkeep. It's like taking your car in to get maintenance, to get the oil change, except you can wait for, I guess, a couple of months to do that. I lost a car one time, because I didn't change the oil. But I digress.

So don't, don't do that to your body. Lift weights two times a week. It doesn't have to be weights, can be bodyweight, it can be bands, but you gotta put some resistance in your muscles. Make sure you're doing that because it can lead to a stalling of fat loss, of weight loss. Okay? So don't make that mistake. It's a rookie mistake, amateur mistake. And you're, you're no amateur. You're listening to the Legendary Life podcast, not the amateur life podcast.
# Reason no. 8: You're Putting on Muscle

And number eight is: you're putting on muscle. Now, I want to be really clear here. If you're obese, if this could happen to you, if you're obese, by the way, so pay attention to it! And that's why I recommend DEXA scans, I recommend body fat scans to assess how much of the weight that you're either not losing, or how much of the weight that you're losing, how much of that is body fat, how much of that is muscle, right?

And in some circumstances, and I want to be clear about this. If you're deep into it, years deep into your workout journey, and you don't miss the gym, you just, you say you eat all the right things, but you can't lose weight and you really push it in the gym. I had someone tell me this the other day, it's like ”Man, I push it in the gym, I push harder than a lot of people that I know, but I can't lose fat!”

So, you want to pay attention to the other things because you're not putting on any muscle, right? You've kind of maxed yourself out. What you need to focus on is the other things.

However, for those of you who are really behind on your workouts, like I've got a client who just signed up with me and he's going to get amazing results because he already looks good, has a really nice foundation. Shout out to you, Phil, if you're listening! But he's a few months behind on his workouts, like several months because of lockdowns and things.

So this guy, I mean, we're going to see a massive transformation. And as he starts to put on muscle, that can, let me, let me give you this example.

Let's say you lost three pounds of fat, specifically fat, but let's say you also gained three pounds of muscle. What is the net change on this scale? It's zero, isn't it? Right? You lost three pounds of fat, you gained three pounds of muscle, but you really would have been down..., you've done a great thing for yourself. So pay attention to these things! That's why, if you can't get in some type of body fat scan, take photos every two weeks. If you do not see a visual difference in your body every two weeks, you're not doing something right.

And for some of you, what you're going to see, and I've had clients say this to me, I want you to pay attention to this. I've had clients say this to me. They're like, ”You know what? Now I'm starting, after working with you I realized it was working before, but I wasn't thinking about Oh, I'm gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time!”

I had one client, she freaked out on me. Not really, I'm using a little bit of hyperbole here, but she was going nuts. She's like she gained weight. And this was in my group coaching program. So we didn't, we didn't get to talk one-on-one like my one-on-one clients, it was when I had the group training program and she was freaking out.

And I told her ”Look, I understand you've gained weight, but you're doing all the right things.” And one thing I should say here is that I put her on an optimized lifting routine. And this woman, I mean, she was not the type of woman who is messing around. She was not the type of woman who is not following the program and then telling me she was, no! I knew she was doing it. In fact, I gave her this optimized workout program, she started putting on muscle like crazy.

I thought, ”Look, you're doing all the right things here. I will have a call with you. I will hop on” - because back when I had the group training, when one of my group clients freaked out, I needed those success stories. I'm like ”Hey, listen, we will hop on a call! If I can't handle your situation and get you results in the group, we will hop on a call”. I care that much you and your success in this group.

But I said to her ”Listen, I don't want to talk about your feelings. I care about your feelings, but I don't want to talk about them! What I want you to do, I want you - cause she had already done a body fat test, and I said - I want you to do a body fat test, so we have some numbers to talk about.”

So what happened? Well, she had gained weight, she had gained weight, in my coaching program, my group coaching program she gained weight. Not what she signed up for, at least so she thought, right? Who wants to? Because it's a body transformation, I really don't do weight loss tips. Okay? I say weight loss, but I don't really don't do weight loss, I do body transformation. But for most people they equate body transformation with losing weight. Fair enough, right?

And so what happened was she started out at like 24% body fat. She had the test again and she was 18% body fat, but she gained weight. This woman got killer results. And she wasn't even done with the program. Okay? And she lost 6% of her body fat. How amazing is that? But she couldn't see it. Why? Because we look at our bodies and we say ”Oh, I want to be, I want to see my abs. I don't see my abs!” It's like, yeah, but are you better? ”I don't know, I want to see my abs, I don't! wanna see my a”

So we've got to be more objective about this and make sure, if you're behind on your workouts and then you start working out and then you're doing the nutrition thing, there's a good chance that if the scale doesn't move, that you're putting on muscle, you're losing fat and putting on muscle.

And a good way to tell without taking photos or getting your body fat tested is to see that: are your clothes fitting better? And unfortunately, I've seen so many people. I actually had a client that I had to fire, and she was getting great results, but she was so focused on the scale. And I didn't know how to properly communicate with her. And, you know, she really got angry at me and wanted to leave the program. And so, we, you know, had that happen, but the truth was she was getting results.

Oh, please don't let that happen to you! Please don't start lifting weights and get on a diet or dial in your nutrition and then say ”Oh, I'm not losing weight at all, I'm going to quit! Oh, I gained a couple pounds? Oh, weightlifting is making me fat!”

No, it's not. Fat makes you look bad. Okay? Weightlifting does not make you look fat. I guarantee you, you're years away. If someone like that, you're years away from building too much muscle! Now I think women can get a little bit too bulky, at least for my aesthetic taste. Right?

My taste doesn't mean other people, whoever your interest in dating might not like it. But I'm just saying like there are some super muscular women here in Brazil right now. I appreciate it, it's just, just not my thing, but you're nowhere near that, okay? Let's be honest! These they're like bodybuilders, right? Is just crushing it in the gym hours a day. Now hours a week I should say, I don't know how often they train, how long they train each session.

But you might be that person, if you're behind on your workouts and then you get started. So, please don't give up if you start to see the scale not changing or even go up and you're doing the right things! Trust that process, I've had so many clients tell me ”Oh, I'm so thankful that I was in the program, cause I would have given up and I didn't realize what was happening. I just thought, I just saw the number on the scale change and I got really bothered by it!” So make sure you don't make that mistake please! You're on the right track. Okay?

Just to go over these really quick here. So number one, you're struggling to stay on the keto diet. Don't need to do that! Two, you're eating too many calories. That is the number one principle here. Even more important than the protein, eating too many calories. Number three, you're drinking too much alcohol. Even if you're eating all keto - ”It's everything keto! It's keto. Vodka is keto!” - Yeah! Okay, but is has too many calories. Okay?

Four, you are eating too much processed food. Just because you're eating keto with no carbs, doesn't mean that you can just eat, I don't know what people eat, chocolate cream like whatevers. I don't know. Chocolate mousse cream, keto chocolate, I don't know, I'm never doing keto. Okay? It's never, ever happening. I'm not even going to do an experiment. No, no interest in it! I love carbs too much! It's just not for me. So, don't overdo the processed food If you're on keto!

Five, you're under eating protein. Protein is crucial. Prioritize that even over being in ketosis, ketosis is not a requirement for fat loss, folks! Just plain wrong. Number six, you aren't getting enough physical activity. It's about the energy in, energy out. Energy in comes from the food we eat, the drinks we drink. The energy out comes from not just the time that we spend in the gym, but the time that we get up and move.

Number seven, you're not lifting weights. Please lift weights! It's sometimes boring. Do some type of resistance training. Some type of resistance training is like, again, you know, you don't want the bad breath, so you, so you floss and you want your teeth clean, right? So you got to do the things that you need to do. It's just one of those things. I don't love it either, but it's just, oh man, the benefits, I just could never not do it. Even though I don't love it.

And number eight, you're putting on muscle. Because you're a few months, perhaps years behind on your workouts, then all of a sudden you start dialing things in and you're not losing weight or maybe the weight it's climbing, pay attention to the fit of your clothes, if you can get a body fat test, do it and also take photos every two weeks, maybe even measurements. Okay?

So those are the top eight the reasons you are not losing weight on a keto diet. Do not make those mistakes, please!

And thanks so much for listening! I hope you enjoyed today's episode. And if you haven't already subscribed, I highly recommend that you do! Not only do we do these episodes where we talk about things like the keto diet and nutrition, and exercise, how to combine strength training and cardio in the proper way to get the best results.

But on Fridays we have Real Talk Friday that allows me to go a bit deeper into my story, what I've learned. And we just will have more of a conversation so that we can break the cycle that we're living in, to create the life that we truly deserve.

So looking forward to serving you in this Real Talk Friday! In fact, it's going to be amazing. It's going to be about how to get unstuck. It's going to be a bit personal. And I like to have personal episodes every once in a while and share some of my story from the past.

I try to keep it interesting, try to keep it mixed up. But every once in a while I like to get a bit deep. And certainly this Friday's episode is a bit deeper. Some of the things that I am thinking about going through...

All right, well, that is it for me today! Thank you so much for all your support! I appreciate you and as always, let's take action and live our best lives! We only live once. Let's do it the best we can!

Have an amazing week. Speak to you on Friday. Love you lots talk then!


Ted Ryce is a high-performance coach, celebrity trainer, and a longevity evangelist. A leading fitness professional for over 24 years in the Miami Beach area, who has worked with celebrities like Sir Richard Branson, Rick Martin, Robert Downey, Jr., and hundreads of CEOs of multimillion-dollar companies. In addition to his fitness career, Ryce is the host of the top-rated podcast called Legendary Life, which helps men and women reclaim their health, and create the body and life they deserve.

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