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205: Christopher Sommer: How To Build Muscle And Mobility With Gymnastic Strength Training
October 10, 2016
207: Hal Elrod: How To Create A Morning Ritual To Supercharge Your Productivity & Career
October 17, 2016
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206: 6 Fitness Secrets I’ve Learned Over 17 Years As A Personal Trainer

Nobody is perfect. And neither are our fitness routine. In this episode I’ll give you my “I wish I’d known sooner” secrets for having a better, more effective and enjoyable workout. So you don’t have to learn the hard way! Also, nutrition and healthy living secrets to help you be more healthier, leaner and fit.

My Health & Fitness Secrets:

  1. We Are More Sedentary Than We Realize
  2.  We Are More Weak Than They Realize
  3. We Eat More Than We Realize
  4. We Are More Immature Than We Realize
  5. We can Get In Better Shape Than We Realize
  6. It Doesn’t Take As Much Work As We Realize


CEO Strength online fitness coaching program is closed until December. But because I’ve had a lot of requests, I decided to offer the same workout program for you. Also, a sample meal plan to help you with your nutrition and 50%OFF.

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