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205: How To Build Muscle And Mobility With Gymnastic Strength Training by Christopher Sommer

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205: How To Build Muscle And Mobility With Gymnastic Strength Training by Christopher Sommer


Brief Bio:

Christopher Sommer is former US national team gymnastics coach. During his extensive 40-year coaching career tens of thousands have benefited from the knowledge of Coach Sommer. The conditioning that created hundreds of National, State and Regional champions was adapted and scaled in a way that bridges the poor flexibility and strength of most adults with the possibilities opened up by high-level gymnastics. This led to the birth of GymnasticBodies. Entire new trends in bodyweight training and culture have formed as a result of GymnasticBodies and many students have become successful both in physical prowess and in life.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 5 Myths about bodyweight training
  • The importance of mobility for strength training
  • 5 Ways to avoid injury
  • How to build lean muscle with bodyweight exercise
  • How to recover from workout injuries
  • 7 Tips for getting your workout routine back on track
  • How your lifestyle can affect your health
  • How to change your mindset to achieve your fitness goals
  • How stretching can make you stronger
  • Top 5 exercises everyone should be doing
  • How to train like a gymnast


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Ted Ryce is a high-performance coach, celebrity trainer, and a longevity evangelist. A leading fitness professional for over 24 years in the Miami Beach area, who has worked with celebrities like Sir Richard Branson, Rick Martin, Robert Downey, Jr., and hundreads of CEOs of multimillion-dollar companies. In addition to his fitness career, Ryce is the host of the top-rated podcast called Legendary Life, which helps men and women reclaim their health, and create the body and life they deserve.

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