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356: Epigenetics, Nutrition, and Our Health: How What We Eat Affect Our Body & Health with Chris Masterjohn

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June 10, 2019
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June 24, 2019
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356: Epigenetics, Nutrition, and Our Health: How What We Eat Affect Our Body & Health with Chris Masterjohn

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Can DNA impact your diet? And if so, how? In this fascinating episode, our special guest PhD Chris Masterjohn goes over the popular diets like the carnivore diet, keto, and veganism while explaining why these diets work for some but not others. He also covers how you can personalize your own nutrition and how to avoid common nutrient deficiencies.If you want to clear up the nutrition confusion and finally understand how to customize your nutrition approach for your body then listen to this episode now.


Brief Bio:

Chris Masterjohn is an expert on fat, cholesterol, and pretty much everything else we’re told to avoid. He has written hundreds of articles for the web on his blog the Daily Lipid, as well as Mother Nature Obeyed. He has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences with a concentration in Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition at the University of Connecticut. He has authored two peer reviewed research papers which are available on PubMed.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

Misconceptions about popular diets [04:15-09:11]

-The Carnivore diet and anemia [09:24-11:37]

-Signs of iron overload [12:58-13:05]

-Going carnivore? What about vitamin C? [13:47-22:58]

-Veganism VS. Carnivore diet [22:59-24:55]

Finding the best DNA test: should I genotype or sequence [25:39-41:17]

-How to feed your body with Coenzyme A [42:59-43:34]

-What are the benefits of genetic testing [45:38-51:32]

-Genetic Testing: 2 key principles of individualizing [51:44-52:04]

-What consumer DNA data can tell you about your body issues [52:05-52:49]

-Chris’ nutritional Cheat Sheet and the well-validated markers of health [52:50-55:13]

-Choosing the right DNA test for your needs [55:14-01:00:29]


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Resources Mentioned:

Go to to get 20% discount of nutritional Cheat Sheet for Legendary Life listeners

23andMe DNA Testing: Health and Ancestry


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