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414: Fix Your Nutrition: Understanding Biohacking, Keto Diet, Carnivore Diet, Fat Loss, Cholesterol & More (Through A Doctor’s Approach) with Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

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414: Fix Your Nutrition: Understanding Biohacking, Keto Diet, Carnivore Diet, Fat Loss, Cholesterol & More (Through A Doctor’s Approach) with Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

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There is so much nutrition information out there, but which diets work? Is biohacking a good thing? Which is good cholesterol? LDL or HDL? Is your fitness “Expert” an Expert or just full of sh*t? Listen to this episode with renowned Doctor Spencer Nadolsky and learn how to fix your nutrition, so you don’t get confused by nutrition advice again.


Brief Bio:

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky is a family doctor, a board-certified obesity and lipid specialist, who has helped 1000’s of patients over the past 9 years lose weight and keep it off. Dr. Spencer in combination with RP coaches uses lifestyle as medicine to treat and prevent chronic disease via telemedicine.

He has an undergraduate degree in Exercise Sports Science from UNC-Chapel Hill where he also wrestled heavyweight and was ranked in the top 3 at one point in the nation. He speaks all around the world about weight loss and health and is also the author of The Fat Loss Prescription and The Natural Way to Beat Diabetes.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

    • Why Spencer preferred to share information on nutrition through memes than infographics [03:51-09:54]
    • Is Biohacking a good thing? [11:55-16:23]
    • Who to listen and follow about health and nutrition advice [17:37-24:40]
    • The nuances of following Carnivore or Keto diet [25:49-34:22]
    • LDL and HDL: Understanding Cholesterol [27:15-32:25]
    • Health and fitness marketers [37:31-45:13]
    • Is breathing effective to lose body fat? [48:20-49:05]
    • Americans just as polarized on food as they are on politics [50:04-52:59]
    • The Survivorship Bias – What is it [53:00-55:03]
    • And much more…


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