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6: Kit Sanderson: The future of bodybuilding, insiders secrets about the supplement industry and much more

Brief Bio: 

Kit Michael Sanderson, CEO of Spanish Fitness Media and Chief editor of Muscular Development Latino Magazine, is a veteran with over 15 years of vast media expertise in the international commodities market and extensive publishing and media production experience.Kit has worked with large firms such as Gold’s Gym Franchising Mexico, Muscular

Development Franchising, large sports nutrition supplement distribution centers such as Lone Star, Martex, and SNI International; in the areas of sales and marketing.

Having already lived over seas for over 8 years in Mexico, Kit also travels extensively throughout Latin America on a monthly basis, acquiring new contacts and channels of business for his network regarding his present and future projects.


In this podcast, you will learn:

  •  Insiders secrets about the supplement industry
  • The answer to: “is Bodybuilding dead?”
  • Where supplements fit in a bodybuilding plan
  • Why meal plans are more important than supplements
  • The importance of being educated in fitness by reading quality books and content
  • Why you should read Muscular Development Latino


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[tweet_box design=”box_12_at” float=”none” author=”Unkown”]”Diligence always prevails, those who never surrender eventually conquer their dreams and goals. This philosophy not only pertains to sports and the arena, but also to business and the corporate world.”[/tweet_box]



Total Recall – By Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Campaigns of Alexander the Great – By Arian.


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