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565: The Ultimate Travel Fitness Guide For Busy Entrepreneurs & Executives with Ted Ryce

It's easy to stay in shape when you're at home, but trying to stay fit while traveling? That's a whole different ball game. Traveling throws a bunch of curveballs into the mix when it comes to sticking to your health and fitness goals. In today's episode, Ted is going to share the secrets for staying on track no matter where life takes you. He will talk about smart food choices on the go, creating effective workout routines with minimal equipment, maintaining your motivation while traveling, and more. Listen now!

518: Metabolism & Weight Loss: Does Metabolism Matter In Weight Loss? (And What To Do About It) with Ted Ryce (Part 1)

Do you blame your slow metabolism or your age for your weight gain? What you might think you know about metabolism may be wrong. In part 1 of this episode series, you'll find out how metabolism affects weight gain, plus the latest research on metabolism. Listen now! 

517: Unstoppable Fit: The Brain-Body Blueprint for Traveling Executives, Entrepreneurs & High Performers with Angela Shurina

Are you a high achiever who travels a lot and feel your fitness and health progress vanishing every time you hit the airport? Do you struggle with fitting your workout and diet habits into your insanely busy routine? In this episode, the renowned brain performance and productivity coach Angela Shurina breaks down the secrets of staying fit and focused in chaotic and changing environments. Listen Now!

510: 11 Simple Ways for Staying in Shape While Travelling That Anyone Can Do with Ted Ryce

If you've ever been on vacation, you know how difficult it can be to stay in shape. After a fun and relaxing vacation, most people usually end up gaining weight and, of course, feeling guilty for that. In this Monday episode, Ted will reveal how he manages to stay in shape while he travels. Plus, he will share 11 proven strategies you can use during your vacation to stay in shape while having fun. Listen now!
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