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9: Nick Tumminello: Part 1: Strength Training for Fat Loss

In this episode, you will learn: How to use strength training for fat loss, The 3 Cs of strength training for fat loss, The benefits of high-intensity interval training and MUCH more.

Miami Beach Personal Trainer Ted Ryce’s Workout #1

Today’s Workout: Cardiac Power Intervals Goal: To increase heart’s endurance ability at high heart rates 12x 1minute intervals driving my heart rate up as high as […]

Your Metabolism – What It Is And How To Increase It To Lose More Fat

By: Miami Beach Personal Trainer Ted Ryce Many people talk about metabolism, “Oh, I have a slow metabolism and that’s why I gain weight easily.” or […]

Miami Beach Personal Trainer Shows You How To Lose Weight Now Part 2

Second Tip: EXERCISE PROPERLY FOR YOUR GOALS I travel a lot to different gyms and I’m constantly talking to people about their workouts. Far too often, […]
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