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57: John Spencer Ellis Part 1: 5 Life Changing Life Hacks That You Can Try Right Now

In this episode, you'll learn: How to Upgrade your life today,Stop Thinking Small! How to Open Your Mind to Thinking Big, Tips and exercises to boost brain power and MUCH more. Listen now.

Ask Ted 17: How to Build Mental Toughness

A Listener's Question: "Hi Ted. ...your story is heart breaking but inspiring, and hearing every one of your shows helps give me some perspective as I'm going through a pretty difficult time in my own life..."

56: Peter Shallard: Part 2: Is Procrastination Stopping Your Success

In this episode you'll learn: Why procrastination isn't your fault (although you still need to do something about it),How to STOP procrastinating,The secret of forming super productivity habits and MUCH more. Listen now.

Ask Ted 16: Do Women Have a Harder Time Dating Than Men?

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